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Winner of Spinfuel 2014 Choice Award!

The latest addition to Virgin Vapor's line up of stellar, true-to-life fruit flavors!  Razzmatazz is an explosion of sweet, juicy raspberry!

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Winner of Spinfuel 2014 Choice Award!

Spinfuels Review Below (source

Over the past few months I’ve spent time with a few raspberry flavors and I’ve liked many of them. I much prefer the taste of raspberry to strawberry any day, so while friends might buy various strawberry or blueberry flavors I’m always looking for a new raspberry concoction. When I looked at Razzamatazz I knew this was something that was going to be “interesting,” if not surprising. Before you decide to try this raspberry e liquid I would like you to remember if you’ve ever eaten real, fresh, raspberries before or if your only experience with the flavor was another e liquid or some kind of raspberry flavored syrup for pancakes or ice cream. The reason is, Razzamatazz has, without a doubt, has an identical taste of real, fresh-picked raspberries. I’ve never tasted another raspberry e liquid that hit authenticity this hard before. I could not stop myself from falling head over heels for this super incredible true-to-life raspberry wonder. Massive vapor clouds, a surprisingly good throat hit, and the purest raspberry flavor I’ve experienced as a vaper, Razzamatazz is a solid 5 Star vape. A Must Try

I think every one of us said the same thing the first time we took a drag from our battery loaded up with Razzamatazz, and that was “Oh my God.” Folks, this is real, honest to god raspberry flavor. I’ve never tasted anything so authentic, so real, and so naturally delicious. Hey, I love me some tobacco vapes, but man, there is no way I’m not keeping a bottle of Razzamatazz around for times when I want a delicious fruity vape. Raspberry is the King of berry fruits, and Razzamatazz represents the apex of the raspberry. 5 Stars on a rocket, you have to try this one, if you like raspberries.

Jason: I’ve always liked raspberries, but I don’t think I can say I ever ‘loved’ raspberries. I do remember having a bowl of fresh raspberries and light cream once, with about 5 or 6 teaspoons of sugar on top, and it was a delicious dessert. I’ve also had, and enjoyed, a few raspberry e liquids too, and they were as sweet as can be. I liked them, but didn’t love them. Until now. I think for the first time in my life I now know what a real raspberry tastes like. An unadulterated raspberry, with just enough natural sweetness to take the edge off of ‘tart’, but with a real flavor that made me think; “Vapor can’t taste like this”. Ah, but it can. A great new addition to Virgin Vapor, and a flavor I will add to my rotation immediately. So good you’ll want 60ML bottles. Seriously. 5 Big Stars

I don’t want to embarrass anyone here today, but someone here has been fighting me for months about eating fresh raspberries, only to find out how delicious they are from an e liquid! Ha! I’ve always eaten raspberries, fresh from the bush, or the supermarket. I buy them, chill them, and eat them one by one, or in a bowl of cream, or put some on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. So I was ready to see just how good Virgin Vapor was in creating a natural, organic, raspberry vape. After spending a few hours with Razzamatazz I am willing to bet that no one will be able to tell the difference, in taste, between an actual raspberry and this outstanding e liquid. Incredible vapor clouds, a more than decent throat bump, and the freshness of real raspberries get a big 5 Star rating from this gal!

Virgin Vapors Description:
The latest addition to Virgin Vapor's line up of stellar, true-to-life fruit flavors!  Razzmatazz is an explosion of sweet, juicy raspberry!

The Absolute line of Virgin Vapor flavors are certified organic under U.K. organic standards.  They are all pure extractions from fruits, flowers, vegetables and nuts (any flavor that includes nuts is noted on the product page for those with nut allergies).  However, unlike the original Virgin Vapor line, these flavors do not contain any alcohol.  They are pure flavor extractions created by a proprietary, multi-stage technology that produces flavors that are so true to life, you think you are actually tasting fresh fruit, flowers, coffee beans or nuts!  They are also extremely potent, with the average usage being only a few drops per milliliter instead of the more traditional 25 to 35% or more of total volume that is used in most e-liquids.  This means that you are vaping less flavor while getting more flavor!  Vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, no colorants, fillers, diluting agents or preservatives.  These precious floral and fruit essences are an amazing delight to the senses!

Ingredients: certified organic, USP (pharmaceutical grade) vegetable glycerin, certified organic flavors, distilled water.  Pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

PLEASE NOTE: Taste is subjective; you may or may not feel that this tastes like the exact flavour. Flavour chemistry is very complex. The majority of our customers report this tasting like the exact flavour described, but your experience may vary. Returns do not extend to this item due to the nature of the product and for health and safety reasons, as well as hygiene. We cannot offer returns on any E-Liquid. This includes un-opened E-liquid bottles that are still sealed, so please make sure you order the correct nicotine level as well.

PG/VG Ratio100% VG
Flavour extract methodMulti-stage patented process that does not require alcohol
Bottle TypeGlass
Steep TimeNo Steeping required (but steeping will improve the flavour)
Made InUSA
Contains Animal extractsNO
Awards WonSpinfuel Choice Award Winner 2014
Flavour NotesFresh Raspberries

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