Stock Update and TPD

Dear Customer.

You have most likely noticed that our stock levels have been low lately.

This is due to the new TPD legislation that came in to effect on the 20th of November 2016.

The New TPD legislation does not allow us to import any e-liquid's that are not TPD compliant after the 20th of November 2016.

The new TPD legislation allows us to sell any stock that we have purchased before the 20th of November 2016 up until the 20th of May 2017, after that any stock that is not TPD compliant cannot be sold any more.

TPD regulations the short story:

- All e-liquids sold in the UK containing nicotine needs to go through various testing, the reports then needs to be submitted to MHRA for approval. Testing needs to be done on every flavour and every nicotine option of each flavour.

- 10ml is the new maximum bottle size for e-liquids, however fear not as we will sell bundles of 3 x 10ml for the same price, or close to the same price of a current 30ml bottle in the same flavour.

- New Warnings on labels are required, including health warnings on any product containing nicotine.

- New 20mg maximum nicotine strength, we currently do not sell anything over 18mg with 12mg being the most popular high nicotine option.

- 2ml maximum atomizer and tank size, this includes starter kits.

- TPD does not affect coils, you should still be able to get coils from your retailers.

- TPD does not affect batteries and mods

- TPD does not affect wicking and Wire materials, however the law regarding sales of RDAs and RTAs is a bit fussy.

The following Companies have gone through the TPD process and should have their bottles available soon.

Kind Juice
- 8 flavours approved in 1.5, 3, 6 and 12 mg options

Stock Has arrived at Vape Green!!! - We are currently sorting and updating stock (should be online in a few hours)

01725-17-13935 5 O'clock Somewhere

01725-17-13940 Alpine Frost'alpine Frost

01725-17-13945 Custard's Stand

01725-17-13950 Highway 66'highway Highway 66

01725-17-13955 Key West Sunset'west Sunset

01725-17-13960 Little Mean Vanilla Bean'vanilla Bean

01725-17-13965 Once In A Blue Moon'blue Moon

01725-17-13970 Sweet Carolina'sweet Carolina

Virgin Vapor - application pending with MHRA.

Update from Virgin Vapor (31.03.17), TPD application pending, guestimate on stock is mid - end of April

First batch of flavours to be registered below:

1.     Best Damn Tobacco
2.    Razzmatazz
3.    Menthol Moon Drops
4.    Romancing the Strawberry
5.    Death by Chocolate
6.    Wicked Watermelon
7.    Celestial Honeydew
8.    Singing the Blues
9.    French Vanilla Kiss
10.   Plum Crazy
11.   Afterglow
12.   Bed of Roses
13.   Snake Bite
14.   The Bees Knees
15.   Midnight Magician

Velvet Cloud - application pending with MHRA

Velvet Cloud are chasing MHRA and will get back to us with an update shortly.

Vape Organics - application pending with MHRA.

Our best guestimate is the end of April.

Vape Green Line - application pending with MHRA.

Slight delay from our US manufacturer to submit the application to MHRA, however as soon as we have more information we will post it here.,

We apologise for the delay in getting more stock, however we cannot legally re-stock these brands until they have their ISO TPD certification.

More on the TPD and its regulations can be found on the site here -

We will keep this page updated with more information as soon as we know more.

Kind regards

The Vape Green Team.

Posted 17.03.2017


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