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Kai's Virgin Vapor 100% VG e-liquids are all 100% PG free. Kai's Virgin Vapors award winning range of e-liquids are all made in the USA. They are famous for their amazing flavour and vapour production, their juices contain no artificial flavourings, colours or sweeteners.

Is the vegetable based e-liquid propylene glycol free?

Yes! Virgin Vapors VG based e-liquid is 100% propylene glycol free. Many e-liquids are advertised as being vegetable glycerine based, yet they still contain propylene glycol. This is because the majority of flavourings used in most e-liquids come in a propylene glycol base, so, even if the e-liquid is vegetable glycerine based, you're still inhaling propylene glycol added with the flavourings. Our flavourings do not contain PG giving you a true, 100% propylene glycol free e-liquid.

What is the difference between the two e-liquid lines?

The standard Virgin Vapor line is created using USA extracted nicotine and organic flavours in a base of organic ethyl alcohol.  The Absolute line uses the same U.S.A. extracted nicotine found in the Virgin Vapor line but a different line of flavourings that do not contain any alcohol.  The Absolute flavour line is ultra pure and highly concentrated.   Please note that some organic flavours can interact with the plastic of some electronic cigarette tanks causing it to melt or crack.  This is due to the real fruit acids found in organic flavours.  Please use caution when using organic flavours in tanks

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