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Top 5 Best Aroma King Disposable Flavours

Aroma King disposable vapes just entered the market with a splash, offering 19 incredible flavours in a low-cost, zero-maintenance device. Let’s take a look at the top 5 flavours in the Aroma King range, based on sales statistics and customer feedback.

Aroma King is a new manufacturer of disposables from the makers of Naked 100 E-Liquids, who are known for their delicious flavours across the realms of traditional E-Liquids and even CBD E-Liquids.

What are disposable vapes?

Disposable vapes have recently risen to fame among casual vapers and ex-smokers for their convenience and ease of use. There’s no refilling, recharging, or maintenance required—instead, you simply unbox, vape, and enjoy!

These pre-charged, pre-filled vapes are designed to outlast a pack of cigarettes. They’re filled with Nic Salt E-Liquids, which deliver an ultra-smooth throat hit and a quicker nicotine delivery at higher nicotine strengths compared to traditional E-Liquids

This makes them an excellent choice for those looking to quit smoking, as essentially all disposables are available with a 20mg nicotine strength—which is roughly how much nicotine is in a whole pack of cigarettes.

Why vape Aroma King?

Aside from the aforementioned disposable benefits, Aroma King one-ups the other disposables on the market in a couple of notable ways.

First and foremost, Aroma King disposables are priced below the ubiquitous Geek Bar disposables at just £4.99 each, or Mix & Match any 3 for £12 on our website! This price point makes them more accessible for vapers on a budget (though a refillable vape kit is ultimately more cost-effective in the long haul—more information on this can be found in our other article, 2 Excellent Alternatives to Disposable Vapes). 

Second, Aroma King disposables are available in three different nicotine strengths—20mg, the standard, plus 10mg and 0mg. This is great news for fans of disposables who don’t want to vape 20mg nicotine—especially those of us who’ve left cigarettes in the rearview and are trying to lower our nicotine intake. Personally, 20mg is too much for me, which is why I love Aroma King’s range. Vapers who’d prefer half (or no) nicotine will find a range of options in the Aroma King disposables line up. 

Top 5 Aroma King Flavours

Without further ado, let’s get into the top 5 best-selling Aroma King disposables, based on sales statistics and customer feedback!

This Aroma King disposable is the best-selling and most popular among vapers for its delicious, frosty flavour. On the inhale, you’re greeted by fresh, mouth-watering Cherries, followed by a cool gust of Ice on the exhale. It’s sweet, rich, and oh-so berrylicious!

This delicious berry fusion combines the juicy, out-of-this-world flavour of Blue Raspberries with sweet, tart Cherries. Topped off with a generous helping of Ice, this disposable is quickly gaining legions of fans for its ultra-sweet and frosty flavour. 

Ice and Skittles? You heard right. Our third best-selling flavour in the Aroma King range is this tasty, unique blend. A Mixed Fruit confection frosted with Sugar is fused with a cool burst of Ice on the exhale to deliver a candy flavour you won’t soon forget!

This unbelievably delicious flavour combines the juicy, fresh taste of Grapes with your favourite Energy Drink flavour, served over Ice. I don’t know what it is that berry flavours add to the energy drink profile, but for some reason, they really amplify the taste. The result is a sweet, cool, and ultra-refreshing disposable you’ll love from start to finish.

Coming in at number five is my personal favourite on this list. I’ve enjoyed the Hawaiian Pog Shortfill E-Liquid by Naked 100 for a long time, and I’ve been vaping the CBD version for a while, too. This disposable offers the same flavour profile with an added frosty touch: sweet, juicy Passion Fruit, citrusy Orange, and floral Guava combine in a luscious tropical medley finished off with a touch of Ice. I couldn’t recommend this flavour more, especially for the upcoming warm summer months. THis is definitely one for the record books!


Aroma King’s new range of disposables have something for everyone, thanks to their huge range of flavours and nicotine strengths. And at just £4.99 each (or Mix & Match any 3 for £12), they’re a steal!

The range offers a ton of other flavours, from Cola to Cool Mango—with candy, beverage, fruit, and menthol flavours galore! What are you waiting for? Try Aroma King’s disposables today!

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Written by:
Rachel Domanchich
Rachel Domanchich
A self-proclaimed American Weird Girl in London, Rachel is a 25 year-old content writer with +5 years of vaping experience under her belt. She recently severed her decade-long love affair with Marlboro Reds using Nic Salts and hasn’t looked back since. From sub-ohm mods to pod kits to disposables, Rachel vapes them all—with a penchant for tropical fruit & ice flavours. Outside of writing and vaping, Rachel is a multi-instrumental musician, singer, wife, and mother of two black cats. 

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