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6 Great Must try Dinner Lady E-Liquids

Must try Dinner Lady E-liquids! 

If you search for a new vape juices online, then the results will be incredibly extensive. Whilst sifting through the long list of alleged best e-liquid flavours, you’ll be hard pressed to find the one which is a perfect match for you.

We all have different tastes when it comes to vaping , so when you search online, you could spend hours scouring for that perfect summer taste. Whether it’s the fresh tang of summer berries you’re after, or the icy freshness of a cool mint flavour, one company who will always have your back is the world-renowned Dinner Lady brand.

Who are Dinner Lady?

Dinner Lady is a UK mixed and manufactured e-liquid brand that is world-renowned for their amazing ranges of vape juices. All inspired by scrumptious flavours and years worth of market research into the vaping industry.

This has led to their on-point branding bringing a loyal customer base and a wide selection of flavours to choose from. With several sub brands, such as Dinner Lady Ice, Desserts, Candy, Fruits and Tobacco. All aimed at finding the best combinations of delicious flavoured blends.

Offering something for everyone, regardless of flavour preference you’ll be in for a real treat with Dinner Lady. Perhaps the best part about Dinner Lady is that their entire e-liquid range is available in all  types of e-liquid blends, such as; Dinner Lady Shortfill E-Liquid, Dinner Lady 50/50 E-Liquid and Dinner Lady Nic Salt E-liquid.

6 Great Must Try Dinner Lady E-liquids

As stated at the beginning taste is very subjective and in our must try Dinner Lady e-liquid list we have handpicked best selling blends and staff favourites.

#1 Black Orange Crush E-Liquid by Dinner Lady Ice 50ml

£12.99 or Mix & Match 2 for £22

Black orange crush 50ml Shortfill is a vape flavour which reflects those great iced drinks that make you wish you were lazing on a tropical beach.

With its magnificent medley of blackcurrant, orange and ice, you’ll really feel the heat as you find a great tang of ice and fruit. This is one of the fruitiest flavours on the Summer Holidays list of e liquids. What’s more, the black orange crush flavour vape juice comes with a range of nicotine contents and a flavour with subtle notes of its three ingredients

#2 Lemon Tart E-Liquid by Dinner Lady Desserts 50/50

£3.99 or Mix & Match 3 for £10

Lemon Tart 50/50 E-liquid is an award winning dessert blend available in Shortfill, Salt and 50/50 blends. 

Lemon Tart has been a constant bestseller for years. It delivers a perfectly balanced blend of buttery pie crust on the inhale, layered with a zesty and creamy Lemon curd on the exhale.

A staff favourite: I love Lemon Tart, it is my go to vape liquid that I have been vaping for years without ever getting bored of it. My current favorite combination is the 50/50 Lemon Tart at 6mg in my Nord 4 pod kit. / Niklas @ Vape Green.

#3 Flip Flop Lychee E-Liquid by Dinner Lady Ice 50ml

£12.99 or Mix & Match 2 for £22

A must try Summer flavour is the Flip Flop Lychee 50ml Shortfill E-Liquid offering a subtle blend of floral and sweet Lychee, a rarity in the UK but a much-lauded fruit from Vietnam and China.

The addition of citrus gives this flavour a kick in the aftertaste whilst the iciness common to all Dinner Lady Ice e-liquids brings an extra twist to the exhale. A best selling flavour during the summer, making it a must try on a hot summer day!

#4 Strawberry Ice eLiquid by Dinner Lady Salts

£3.99 or Mix & Match 3 for £10

Speaking of summer flavours, another must try summer vape for any Nic Salt vapers is the Strawberry Ice Nic Salt by Dinner Lady.

This blend consist of sweet, ripe summer Strawberries layered with Icy menthol on the exhale for a refreshing and sweet berry vape.

It is easy to see why we always see a big spike in sales of this flavour during the hot summer day, when paired up with a good vape pod kit, the Strawberry Ice is just mind blowingly good.

#5 Apple Sours E-Liquid by Dinner Lady Sweets 50/50

£3.99 or Mix & Match 3 for £10

Apple Sours 50/50 E-liquid is another staff pick. Having searched for the perfect Apple flavour i finally found it with Dinner Lady Apple Sours.

For me it is a perfect blend of sweet Apple with a delicious sour twist ensuring that the flavour never gets boring. It is constantly in my rotation of vape liquids. I am currently using th 50/50 blend at 6mg in my Caliburn G kit. / Awaz @ Vape Green.

#6 Blue Menthol eLiquid by Dinner Lady Salts

£3.99 or Mix & Match 3 for £10

Blue Menthol Nic Salt by Dinner Lady is an all year around best seller, (previously known as Heisen Lady).

This Salt blend offers a juicy combination of mixed berries on the inhale, layered with a cooling Menthol on the exhale. It is a winning combination and a must try for any Nicotine Salt E-liquid vapers. 


These are our 6 Great Must try Dinner Lady e-liquid but with such a large range of flavours and blends there are many more delicious and unique blends to try out. If you have any questions regarding these flavours please contact our support or Dinner Lady direct

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Table of Contents