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Top 3 Best Cheap E-Liquid Brands in the UK

A highlight of some of the best cheap E-Liquid brands in the UK.

My mother taught me that ‘cheap’ doesn’t always mean ‘bad.’ Her lesson can be applied to vape juice, too: some of the cheapest E-Liquid brands in the UK are also some of the best-selling ones—and for good reason, too.

You might be asking, “Okay, but if they’re so great, how can they be so cheap?”

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best cheap E-Liquid brands in the UK and why vapers keep coming back for their products.  

Is cheap E-Liquid bad?

Let’s start with a hard no. Not if you’re getting it from a reputable distributor.

You might’ve seen cheap E-Liquids being sold at your local pound shop and wondered, “Who’d buy vape juice here?” Or, maybe you’re a bit less pretentious about it than I was. Funnily enough, those very brands are the ones dominating the value E-Liquid market, and their products are nothing to balk at.

We know that these companies follow the same regulatory practices as other manufacturers, so they’re no less safe to use. 

The truth is that some of the cheapest E-Liquids available in the UK are also some of the most rigorously tested for taste and quality.

Yes, it’s true: their prices are more a reflection of their business model than their quality.

How can Value E-Liquids be so cheap?

Cheap E-Liquid brands have a few tactics that keep their prices so low. 

Firstly, these companies are huge, meaning that they can produce more stock at a time. They have much larger warehouses than smaller E-Liquid companies have, which allows them to handle more inventory at once.

Second, the companies sell their E-Liquids to distributors in bulk quantities. As with just about everything in the consumer world, the larger the quantity, the cheaper the individual products end up being. 

Third, the manufacturers usually use fewer flavourings in each E-Liquid, meaning that the overall cost of production is lower than that of E-Liquids with several different flavourings. This is why the E-Liquids you see at pound shops are less complex in flavour than the ones you might find at a brick & mortar vape shop—but the flavourings themselves are no better or worse than those found in premium E-Liquids.

A fourth tactic, as stated by one of the companies themselves, is the complexity of their labels (or lack thereof). In short, minimalistic label designs cost the manufacturers less in the way of graphic design labour and label printing. The simplicity of their packaging allows them to keep prices down.

What are the best cheap E-Liquid brands in the UK?

Here are the top 3 best-selling cheap E-Liquid brands in the UK, in no particular order.

#1: Edge E-Liquid

from £1.67 per bottle

Edge E-Liquid was founded with one son’s goal to help his mother quit smoking—and from there, their mission spread to the world. Edge is one of the best-selling brands in the UK, and their E-Liquids are rigorously quality-tested and formulated with the finest ingredients. 

With their juices available for just £1.99 (or Mix & Match any 6 for £10 on our website), it’s easy to dismiss them for their prices, but don’t be fooled: Edge doesn’t skimp on quality.

Juicy, ripe Strawberries blended with zesty Lime makes for a balanced and refreshing all-day vape flavour. What’s not to love? This flavour is definitely a favourite with its delicate balance of sweet and sour notes.

#2: 88Vape

from £1 per bottle

This brand may look familiar to you, and for good reason—their UK-made E-Liquids are stocked in shops across the country. 88Vape debuted in 2013 with the intention of satisfying a specific niche: they wanted to make E-Liquid affordable enough for every smoker to make the switch, and they’re succeeding. 

With a range of high-quality 10ml Nicotine Salts and 50/50 E-Liquids priced at just £1 each (and 50ml shortfills for as little as £4.99), everyone can get their money’s worth out of 88Vape’s juices.

One of 88Vape’s best-selling Nic Salt flavours is their Fusion blend: a harmonious medley of luscious Mixed Grapes layered with notes of punchy Aniseed and a touch of Menthol on the exhale to hit every sweet spot. Fruity, sugary, rich, and cooling: a truly refreshing flavour you can vape from the first puff of the day to the very last.

Another top contender, this juice is a tasty confectionery blend with a sweet, nostalgic Bubblegum base, layered with fruity and sugary notes throughout for a flavour that’ll leave you missing the good old days. Delicious from the first puff of the day to the very last!

#3: V4 V4POUR

from £1.67 per bottle

V4 Vapour really covers all the bases: with a massive range of Nic Salts, Shortfills, and 50/50 E-Liquids encompassing practically every flavour profile you can imagine, V4 truly caters to everyone. And at just £1.99 per 10ml bottle (or Mix & Match any 6 for £10 on our website), their juices are affordable for every budget—and they’re delicious, too. 

V4 specialises in perfecting simple and authentic flavours, so regardless of what blend you buy, you know you’re getting what’s advertised. In addition to our spotlight product below, V4 notably produces some of the best-selling and most highly-rated tobacco flavours in the country, including the UK Cigarette E-Liquid by V4 Vapour. That flavour is definitely worth a shot if you’re a fan of tobacco blends.

Sweet, ripe Mangoes bursting with flavour, layered with a refreshing blast of cooling Menthol on the exhale caresses your taste buds and leaves you feeling satisfied with every puff. A definite crowd-pleaser, this tropical blend is moreish and almost thirst-quenching. And at just £1.99 per bottle, this flavour is certainly a competitor among its peers.

This one’s pretty simple, but it packs a flavoursome punch: straight-up, ice-cold Menthol derived from mint leaves for the ultimate in refreshing ice flavours. Don’t take my word for it: take it from the leagues of vapers who default to this cheap E-Liquid as their go-to everyday vape flavour. 

Fans of menthol flavours, rejoice: this one’s not overly sweet or overly artificial-tasting like some other straight menthol flavours are. You won’t be disappointed—and at just £1.99 a bottle, how could you be?


So, now we know not to scoff at cheap E-Liquids, because they’re really some of the best value brands on the market: they’re quality-tested, loved by many, and most importantly, they’re as cheap as it gets for E-Liquid without being unsafe or low-quality.

I don’t know about you, but I sure learned my lesson (the lesson being that my mother is always right). Next time you buy yourself some new E-Liquids, why not give these brands a try?

After all, even if one of the flavours isn’t to your taste, it cost you less than £2.

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Written by:
Rachel Domanchich
Rachel Domanchich
A self-proclaimed American Weird Girl in London, Rachel Domanchich is a 25 year-old content writer with +5 years of vaping experience under her belt. She recently severed her decade-long love affair with Marlboro Reds using the Aspire Vilter kit and hasn’t looked back since. From sub-ohm mods to starter pod kits to disposables, Rachel vapes them all—with a penchant for tropical fruit, dessert, milk, and coffee flavours. Outside of writing (and vaping), Rachel is a multi-instrumental musician, singer, wife, and mother of two black cats. 

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