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MiNiMal Nic Salt E-Liquid Review: 5 Great New E-Liquids

A review of 5 excellent MiNiMal Nic Salts

FUU — the well-known Parisian e-liquid and vape products manufacturer — is the brand behind France’s first nic salt range, MiNiMAL. I was sent 6  MiNiMAL nic salt e-liquids to review, but  let’s start with who FUU are and what nicotine salts are.

Who Are FUU?

The FUU are pioneers of the French independent vaping scene, with a big commitment towards making quality products. They’re a small team of under 30 people who describe themselves as “a responsible, ethical company”.

All their liquids are made in their Parisian lab with standards inspired by the best practices in the agribusiness and pharmaceutical industries. They guarantee impeccable standards and only the best raw materials, with all of their e-liquids being checked for emissions and quality so they can pass the AFNOR certification.

What Are Nicotine Salts?

For anyone who doesn’t know, nic salts are made from the salt that is naturally present in tobacco leaves. By using benzoic acid, a different type of nicotine is formed that has a smoother throat hit which allows for higher nicotine concentrations. Additionally, these chemical changes mean the nicotine is more easily absorbed into the body, enabling satisfaction far closer to smoking a tobacco/combustible cigarette.

The PG/VG Blend

MiNiMAL nicotine salts all come in 50:50 VG PG blends. This ratio is reasonably standard for nic salts across the vaping industry, with most pod devices designed to work best with e-liquids of this viscosity.

What device was used to review the MiNiMAL Nic Salts?

I tried all of these in a Caliburn G pod kit. It’s best to stick to a pod kits or pen-type device if you’re using nic salts. Anything with low resistance — like a sub-ohm device — is just too powerful to be used with nic salts of concentrations around 10mg or 20mg.

MiNiMAL Nic Salts Reviewed

While there is a great deal of crossover, when it comes to food, each country has its own peculiarities. Because FUU is a French company, I was curious to see if that meant a different taste or a preference for different types of e-liquid.

Additionally, because FUU operates independently out of their own lab, there was potential for them to use different processes from other manufacturers.

Mille Feuilles E-Liquid by MiNiMAL Nic Salt

Bottle Size: 10ml / Nicotine Strength: 10mg or 20mg / 50:50 VG PG Blend

A paean to the classic French tradition of sweet baking, Mille Feuilles — or a Vanilla Slice as I’d call it  — is a blend of butter pastry, creme, hazelnut and light notes of French vanilla.

This flavour is definitely for vapers with a bit of a sweet tooth. The pastry hits you on the inhale, with the vanilla and hazelnut clearer as you exhale. Remarkably, they have cooked up a convincing pastry e-liquid taste. I’ve vaped many juices that have tried similar flavours, and often they end up tasting strangely soapy.

As with most e-liquids of a similar profile, if you like sweet, exotic flavours, you’ll love this salt. But, for vapers who prefer tobacco cigarette or menthol type juices, this could get a bit sickly after a while.

Great product, though, and I really enjoyed the 10mg vape. Very smooth hit and a great e-liquid if you like a sweeter product.

Berry Lemonade E-Liquid by MiNiMAL Nic Salt

Bottle Size: 10ml / Nicotine Strength: 10mg or 20mg / 50:50 VG PG Blend

Berry Lemonade combines blackcurrant with a citrus/lime lemonade on the exhale. This is a pretty versatile juice that could easily be a mainstay vape for me. It’s not too sweet; if anything, the lemon gives it a slightly sour taste, and the addition of a small menthol hit makes this a definite contender for one of the best juices I’ve tried this year.

Sour Candy E-Liquid By MiNiMAL

Bottle Size: 10ml / Nicotine Strength: 10mg or 20mg / 50:50 VG PG Blend

If you like cola bottles, these could be nicotine salts for you. The cola is more fresh than sweet, with just a hint of lime on the exhale. This is a classic summertime e-liquid, and I found it very easy to vape. I tried the 10mg, and the hit was mild, and the flavour never felt overpowering.

Biscuit E-Liquid By MiNiMAL

Bottle Size: 10ml / Nicotine Strength: 10mg or 20mg / 50:50 VG PG Blend

This is based on the classic French biscuit, which means a sort of butter cookie taste enhanced by vanilla and sesame. The first thing to note is that it smells great. It also tastes pretty good if you like a sweet vape. Despite the pungent smell, the taste itself is relatively subtle, so much so that I would recommend this for someone who hasn’t been convinced by the sweeter end of the vape juice market.

Polar E-Liquid By MiNiMAL

Bottle Size: 10ml / Nicotine Strength: 10mg or 20mg / 50:50 VG PG Blend

Full disclaimer. I love menthol flavours. Something about the relaxed throat hit that gets me, and I genuinely haven’t tasted a method flavour liquid I didn’t like.  These nicotine salts combine a polar mint with a touch of menthol, and both flavourings are blended nicely. I tried this in 10mg, and sometimes that can feel a little soft, but the menthol/mint combination gives it a kick. I’ve been looking for a new menthol/mint flavour, and my search might just be over.


My overall impression of the MiNiMAL range is positive. They’re clearly a pretty class outfit committed to delivering a great product. I’d have no problem recommending their nicotine salts range to anyone. Maybe it’s something to do with their production methods, but these e-liquids do taste a bit different from many other offerings on the market. I’m not necessarily saying they taste better or worse, just that they have their own cool thing going on.

FUU has been running in France for years, and, from reading their website, it’s clear that they are big on helping people stop smoking cigarettes. So try them out. Their nic salt range is pretty broad, and it’s bound to have something you’d find interesting.

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