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Coil lifespan, how long should a coil last?

How long should a coil last?

How long should a vape coil last, or what is the expected lifespan I can get out of a coil? These are 2 very common question that we get, and the answer is not a straightforward one. Coil life greatly varies depending on how much you vape, how you vape and more importantly what type of e-liquid you vape.

Will higher VG E-Liquids kill my vape coils quicker?

Despite of what a lot of people think, VG is not the main “coil killer” in your e-liquid, but to vape high VG e-liquids you need to use the correct vape coil and vape kit. Higher VG e-liquids are thicker and therefore you need to use a coil with larger wicking holes. If your vape coil does not have large enough holes to soak in the thicker e-liquid, the e-liquid will not reach and saturate the cotton inside the coil head properly, this will result in burn hits. A burnt hit is when the coil burns the dry cotton inside the coil head, unfortunately if this happens the only thing that can be done is to replace the coil with a new one. Yes, higher VG e-liquids requires coils with larger wicking holes to wick properly, but when using a compatible coils these higher VG e-liquids will not gunk up your coil quicker than lower VG E-Liquids.

What kills vape coils?

The short answer is sweeteners, sweeteners in e-liquids is the number one coil killer. If you are finding yourself having to change coils often, you are most likely vaping a very sweet e-liquid. This is because the sweeteners in the e-juice you are vaping will  caramelise inside the coil head around the actual coil wire. This will gradually build up over time resulting in the coil wire being covered in a thick charcoal layer of caramelised sugars. When this happens not only will you lose flavour, you will also notice that you need to up the power (if possible) to generate the same amount of vapor as before when the coil was new. The coil will also wick poorly and your vape will start to taste burnt. To get better coil life, try another less sweet e-liquid, perhaps try another similar flavour from another brand that uses less sweeteners or is less sweet.

Chain Vaping

Chain vaping is another thing that can greatly shorten the lifespan of your coils. This is when you puff on your device frequently without any breaks, this gives the coil little time to saturate in between each puff. Chain vaping also makes the e-liquid inside your pod or tank hotter which also affects the coil life. To get a good vape a good coil life make sure to take breaks in between puffs and breaks in general.

Is sweeteners and chain vaping the only thing that affects the coil life?

No, sweeteners and frequent use is not the only thing that will affect the lifespan of your coils, there are other factors that can affect the coil life. If you are using a regulated device, a device where you can manually set the power output “wattage” you might be using too high or too low wattage for the type of e-liquid that you are using. Try adjusting the wattage to see if you are getting a batter vape experience as well as better life out of your coils.

In general how long should a coil last?

The short answer is that a coil should last 1-2 weeks if you are using a not too sweet e-liquid. However, if you are vaping very sweet e-liquids you might only get a couple of days or even less out of each coil. Having said that, time is not the best way to measure coil life, let’s take nic salt e-liquids as an example. When vaping Nic Salts it is more accurate to measure the amount of refills you can get out of each coil. On an average, when vaping the best nic salts (none sweet) replacement coils & pods should lasts for about 10-20ml of e-liquid refills before needing to be replaced this will of course vary depending on e-liquid.

As you would probably have guest by now, vapers that vape a lot will uses more e-liquid and as such will experience a shorter coil life (if measured in time). The reason why measuring in time is not accurate is pretty simple, if we take 2 different vapers and compare them. One vapes 10ml of e-liquid on one day and the other vapes 10ml of e-liquid in 1 week, they would both have used their coils just as much in terms of how much e-liquid has gone through the coil and been evaporate, however one of them did it in 1 day whilst the other did it in 1 week.

When is it time to change vape coil?

You can tell usually tell when it is time to change the coil when your vape starts tasting “funny” or burnt.

Any recommendation on E-Liquids for good coil life?

This is a hard one to answer as taste is very subjective, what we can say is using an e-liquid from for example Kai’s Virgin Vapors e-liquid range which are all 100% VG e-liquids but free of sweeteners will result in better coil life compared to lower VG e-liquid with a lot of sweeteners, assuming you are using the correct coil and kit.

Side note

We think is worth mentioning that for Sub-Ohm vapers, the size of your tank can have an affect on your coil life. In the UK/EU we are limited to 2ml capacity on all tanks due to the TPD regulations, luckily most tanks have an option to buy an extension glasses to expand the size of your tank. Sometimes getting an extension glass for your tank can extend the life of your coils and improve the flavour of you e-liquids. This might sound strange but a larger tank with more e-liquid will run “cooler” than a smaller tank, and as a result you e-liquid will stay in a better temperature before reaching the coil to get evaporated.

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