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Electronic cigarettes have become very popular !

Electronic cigarettes have become very popular because of their foremost benefit that they do not contain tobacco unlike traditional cigarettes. Regular cigarettes burn tobacco and this combustion releases a dangerous cocktail of thousand chemicals including Carbon Monoxide, Tar and even Arsenic, to state but a few. Electronic cigarettes, having no tobacco and thus free the user from this poisonous intake.

They are designed to look like real cigarettes, having a white cylindrical body with a glowing red tip but come in various colours. Some of their obvious benefits can be listed as follows:


•             No odour. No ash-

The smoke produced by traditional cigarettes always has a stingy strong smell. Almost everyone knows the hallmark – cigarettes smell. Since this odour cling to a smoker’s hair, clothes or hands, many consider it offensive and therefore avoid close contact. E cigarettes frees its users from this tar like odour giving them a variety of flavours to choose from such as mint, chocolate, strawberry and many other vaping and organic e-liquids. Unlike the cigarette smell, this sweet aroma doesn’t even linger.


The lack of combustion also frees its users from the clumsy residue of ash and cigarette butts. The users are liberated from going for thorough cleaning of their beds, sofas and other furniture because there is no littering. Not only maintenance, they also ensure safety since discarded cigarettes often have been reasons behind accidental fires that impend property and life. The electronic cigarette eliminates these dangers and is thus safer to use.


•             Lower Costs and more savings-

With the habit of a pack-a-day, smokers can spend more than £3,000 annually to acquire the nicotine fix they desire. Sustaining the equivalent habit, e-cigarette will cost about £6oo only. The initial costs incurred on a typical starter kit, which contains the e-cigarette device, a battery and tank, can cost anywhere from £20 to £100, which may seem high superficially. However, one only has to buy e-liquids and tanks (clearomizers). To reduce these prices consumers also can purchase the liquid in larger bottles ones they find their favourite flavour, it shall aid you in garnering significant savings. And you shall be saving a whole lot in the long run.


•             Flavours! Flavours!

Vaping gives its users the delight of experiencing the vast assortment of e-liquids. Moreover, organic e liquids come in nicotine free flavours such as kona milk shake, blueberry, organic coffee, peppermint, caramel cream and various other aromatic and appetizing flavours.


•             Vaping anywhere anytime!

Unlike the restrictions on smoking, vaping can be done almost anywhere since there is no second-hand smoke produced. The places may include restaurants, bars, hotels, and offices. There is absolutely no need to go outside the office space and stand in the intense cold or the scorching heat of the sun for a smoking break.


•             Regaining Social Acceptance-

In today’s times of growing health concern, the fear of passive smoking and the distinguished cigarette odour can easily ostracize a smoker from his/her social or professional group. Apart from the hunt for a secluded spot, the habit often gets annoying and unacceptable by near and dear ones. With the organic e liquids and electronic cigarettes, you can relish the company of others without offending or harming their health concerns. There is no ban on vaping as against the whole brigade against no-smoking. Further, e-cigarettes do not cause the yellowing effect on teeth and thus are a much appealing option.


•             Different models-

Along with the above stated benefits, e cigarettes come in all sort of shapes and sizes which can range from the general model of a cigarette or aping pipes or ball-point pens. Some also come with red or blue led lights which switch on when you take a puff.


•             Controlling Nicotine Intake-

The autonomy that vaping users have is that unlike regular smokers, they can control their intakes of nicotine. The level of nicotine strength varies from zero to high in different e-liquids and one can gradually adapt to a lower level of nicotine. Most organic e-liquids have a negligent amount of nicotine. A note of caution however, liquid nicotine if taken in a high dose is lethal and can kill. The product should especially be kept out of children’s reach.

However, despite the above mentioned benefits, e-cigarettes or organic e-liquids should not be an opportunity to legitimize or support smoking/vaping among youngsters. The products have been designed only for those who wish to leave smoking and hazardous health issues associated with it. The health benefits mentioned above are relative to the traditional smoking only and should not be used to popularize these practices among non-smokers or adolescents.

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Table of Contents