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Everything You Need To Know About Cloud Chasing

Whether it be to engage in vaping competitions, for your own personal amusement, or as an alternative to a smoke machine at your house party, cloud chasing has become one of the main focuses of vaping technology. With more and more devices coming out which utilise the power of the vape cloud, we’re seeing thicker and thicker vape clouds being blown in vape shops up and down the country.

So, what exactly is cloud chasing, and how can you become a pro?

What is cloud chasing?

Cloud chasing is the term used for the thick plumes of vapour which people exhale when they vape. These plumes are so thick that you can use them to perform vape tricks. Due to the thickness of the vape clouds, you can blow rings and manipulate them in the air, as well as trying out tricks such as the “dragon” and the “waterfall.” Vaping trick competitions often have cash prizes or sponsorship deals for the winners, leading to a life of free merchandise and publicity. This ups the stakes when it comes to cloud chasing, giving you an incentive to get as pro as you can go.

How to up your cloud chasing game

To get good at cloud chasing, you’ll need to ensure that a range of factors are on top form. This may require you to rejig the way you inhale your vape juice, invest in a new vape tank or even find a new juice. Below are some of the top tips for those who want to get into cloud chasing.

Direct to Lung vaping

There are two styles of vaping which you must get to know before you begin cloud chasing. These are Mouth to Lung and Direct to LUng.

Mouth to LUng or MTL vaping is the style which ex-smokers would be the most used to. This style of vaping has you inhale the vapour into your mouth before sucking it down into your lungs.This style opts for taste over vapour productions, which if you want, should have you opting for DTL vaping.

This style of vaping has you inhale vapour in the same way that you would suck air out of a balloon. This means that the vapour goes straight through your mouth and into your lungs and so has you taking in far more vapour, thickening the exhale.

Going sub ohm

Sub Ohm vaping is the term given to vape devices which have a resistance below 0.1 volts. Voltage is important when it comes to vapour production because the lower the resistance, the more power can be inputted into your device at once. Whilst this uses up more vape battery power, sub ohm vape devices output more vape juice, giving users a bigger hit.

Vegetable glycerine

Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are the two organic compounds at the heart of vape juice. Whilst PG acts as the base of the nicotine and the flavourings in the vape juice, the vegetable glycerine is the key to the thickness and viscosity of the juice. If you want to exhale thicker vape clouds, then you should opt for a vegetable glycerine heavy ratio in your vape juice.

Vape batteries

Vape batteries should be higher powered and fully charged to get the biggest vape clouds. Always make sure that if you are sub ohm vaping with the intention of cloud chasing, that you keep a charging kit to hand.

Low nicotine

Vaping for the purpose of bigger vape clouds will mean you are going to be inhaling more vapour. Vaping with higher nicotine contents will give you a harsher throat hit, which can lead to you coughing and spluttering with a hefty intake. To counteract the masses you’ll be vaping, it’s a good idea to cloud chase with lower nicotine levels or even nicotine free juices. Try a 3mg or 6mg vape juice with a higher VG ratio for the perfect cloud chasing cocktail.

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Table of Contents