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Last August, Euston Station in London was cordoned off by police during the height of rush hour. The year of 2017 had sene London come under very strict public security, and when a loud bang in the middle of Euston Station during rush hour created mass panic, a bomb disposal unit was sent in and trains to the station were cancelled or rerouted. The culprit of all of this? An exploding vape device. Whilst it was a complete accident, a mans bag left with an overcharged mod which made a loud bang, it still created a large panic and could have hurt the man himself. So why do vape devices explode? And how can you stop it happening to you?

Unregulated mods

Unregulated mods are vape mods which are often tailored to make sub ohm vaping your organic vape juice that little bit more powerful. Whilst the VG E Liquid in sub ohms is greta for cloud chasing, the problem with unregulated mods is that their electrical circuit is not regulated by a maximum voltage or wattage. This means that it is up to the vaper to get the units right, and to ensure that they do not exceed the maximum that their device can handle. With a regulated mod, the circuit cuts out if you go over the recommended voltage or wattage.

Overcharging your vape device

Overcharging your vape device can lead to the vape battery harnessing too much power. This can lead to the explosion of the device. Make sure that you only charge your vape battery to the point where the light or indicator says it is full, before taking it off the charge. Make sure that you are always present when charging your vape device or at least are aware of how long it has been charging for. Never charge your vape device overnight, this is when the majority of electrical fires or charging related vape explosions occur.

Broken batteries

Most vape explosions are caused by the battery in the device. Vape batteries are usually made of lithium-ion, and when these are powered up in a vape device, these will heat up the rest of the elements within it. The problem with lithium ion batteries, which are widespread across much of our electrical technology, from phones to hybrid cars, is that they can boil and cause a lot of internal pressure if they are heated up past their limit. This can eventually lead to the battery itself exploding under the pressure. Ensuring that you do not overcharge your battery is key to this.

Protect your battery

Make sure that you buy a battery for your vape device which is compatible with the type of device you are using. This will mean you will have to check the stats on the back of your device and what its battery requirements are. You will also have to have some knowledge of Ohm’s Law if you are using an unregulated device, meaning that you can make sure you are staying within the batteries voltage and wattage limits.

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Table of Contents