Vaping has many styles attached to it, but which is right for you?

With vaping originally being a way for people to give up smoking, it’s no surprise that many ex-smokers expect the device to have the same effects as their past, more harmful nicotine tool. Whilst perhaps this was the case with the first generation of vape devices, these simpler times are way behind us. Vaping has evolved to such a point that these original devices are nearly unrecognisable a decade on. This means that the way we vape has also changed, coming down to a complete overhaul of the original cigalike and leading to a range of different styles which all have their pros and cons. Below you can find out a little about the variety of ways you can inhale vape and which devices use which techniques.

Mouth to lung vaping

Mouth to Lung Vaping, or MTL, is the style of vaping which gives the closest experience to smoking tobacco. The reason for this lies in the way that you inhale the vapour. When you mouth to lung vape, you suck the vapour into your mouth before inhaling it further into your lungs. This two breath process mimics the way that smokers savour tobacco. The lightness of the hit means that you have a milder vaping experience.

What devices do you MTL with?

Most vape devices which use the MTL style are available in most good vape shops. These are usually simpler devices such as the cigalike, pod mod and the vape pen. The cigalike often looks like a cigarette (hence the name) and are often disposable. Filled with specific cartridges which, if the device is reusable, can be replaced, the cigalike is a low powered device which usually comes in either menthol or tobacco flavours, to resemble smoking as authentically as possible. Vape Pens are slightly more advanced and are one of the most popular devices for those who are new to vaping due to their pocket size and easy to use power settings. Pod mods are also increasing in popularity. Instead of using a tank, these devices are kitted out with specific cartridges, leading to a narrower choice of flavours but a simple and satisfying vape hit.

Direct to lung vaping

Direct to Lung Vaping is the vaping method in which you inhale vapour directly into your lungs from the vape device. Imagine sucking air from a balloon or taking a long, drawn out breath and you’ll be experiencing the same sensation as mouth to lung vaping. Using this method, you’ll find that the vapour fills the lungs far quicker, much like using a hookah pipe. With sub ohm vaping becoming more and more popular with experienced vapers, this method allows you to regulate the heat from the vape device to manage the sometimes overwhelming hit, and allows you to get the maximum amount of flavour from your device. With more vapour production comes more of a nicotine hit, so direct to lung vapers tend to use less nicotine in their juices.

What devices do you DTL with?

DTL devices are usually more advanced and are at the cutting edge of vaping. These devices include regulated and unregulated mods as well as mechanical mods and many of the larger and temperature-controlled devices out there.

Pros of MTL vaping

. MTL devices use less e liquid

. Resembles the sensation and style that smokers of tobacco would use.

. MTL devices are simpler to operate, making them perfect for first timers.

. Devices are usually less expensive. Again, this is perfect for beginners.

. Subtler vape production.

Cons of MTL vaping

. Doesn’t create as much flavour

. MTL vaping doesn’t allow as much customisation.

Recommendations for MTL vaping

If you’re a pack a day smoker, the milder inhale of the mouth to lung vape will most likely mean that you need to sue a higher nicotine content in your vape juices. Try 12 or 18 mg nicotine content vape juices to keep your cravings in check.

Pros for DTL vaping

. Seeing as you get more vapour, you also get more flavour.

. DTL vaping is far more customisable. With the range of regulated and unregulated mods, temperature controls and sub ohm devices, DTL vaping allows you to vape to your own tastes.

. Thicker clouds mean a more satisfying exhale and a more intense vaping experience.

Cons of DTL vaping

. The experience can be rather overwhelming if you’re a beginner or not used to the style of vaping.

. Uses more e liquid more quickly.

. The large vapour production means that in public, it’s rather obvious that you’re vaping. This isn’t the vaping style for subtlety!


Due to the intensity of the vape hit, direct to lung vaping suits a lower nicotine level. Try 6 or 3 mg to manage your cravings.