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The benefits of VG based E-Liquids

E cigarettes

Also known as vape kits, are the new “in thing” especially for people who are trying to quit smoking the traditional tobacco burning cigarettes. E cigarettes have many health benefits over the traditional cigarettes including reduced risk of strokes, heart disease and long cancer among others. Other benefits include lack of the tell-tale after smoke odour, are cheaper and much safer. Unlike the traditional cigarettes that needs to be lit and smoked, full of tar and other products, e-cigarettes are inhaled using vapour produced from their e –liquids otherwise known as an inhalant. Other than e liquids, e cigarettes also contain nicotine and flavours such as vanilla, strawberry and chocolate among others. The amount of nicotine in e cigarettes vary from one brand to the other.

E liquids

Is the liquid that gets turned into vapor and are mostly made from 2 main ingredients: Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and propylene glycerol (PG). There are also e liquids made from the mixture of both VG and PG in different percentages. Vegetable Glycerine is a natural oil that is obtained from coconut or palm oil. It is by far the best vape inhalant in e cigarettes in the market today. PG on the other hand is an alcohol based inhalant that has also been used as a bactericidal aerosol. In many cases PG is considered an inert harmless product that can be easily broken down by the body into citric acid. However, there are people who develop negative reactions to the PG inhalant in e cigarettes of different brands.

PG adverse reactions

PG sensitivity vary in both severity and occurrence with about 10% of consumers developing complications or reactions. This could be attributed to the fact that PG absorbs the much needed water from the body. One of the most common side effect or reaction is drying up of the upper part of the airway causing a sore throat. This is most common in new users many of who develop a resistance to this drying up after several months usage of PG based products. However, there are other adverse reactions that are more common which include: skin issues such as development of hives in the upper part of the body such as arms, chest and waist, sore gums, pains in joints, sensitive teeth, nausea, and difficulty in breathing. Luckily today there is a large range of 100% VG e-liquids available for anyone that is sensitive to PG.

Whereas many people encounter PG allergic reactions,

A lesser percentage of e cigarette users (0.1%) experience minimal side effects with VG based products. For this one reason, more and more manufacturers are coming up with PG free e-liquids products with a large variety of flavours. Nevertheless, even though VG based e cigarettes are the most ideal for countering smoke related health risks, there is still a high risk of nicotine poisoning when a highly concentrated vapour is used in an e cigarette. The trick is to use a product that is VG based, has just the right amount of nicotine and a flavour that is attractive to you. It is also important to check the origins of an inhalant; vape from good reliable companies mean there are less harmful products incorporated within.

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Table of Contents