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What Nicotine Strength is right for you?

Nicotine Strength how to chose?

Nicotine is the key ingredient in the e-liquid when vaping that makes it such a helpful smoking cessation tool. For those who are looking for a way to cut down on cigarettes, nicotine strength is one of the most important to get right to successfully get of cigarettes. That also means making sure you are using the correct nicotine strength to beat your addiction as opposed to feeding it.

That’s the great thing about vaping. With so much flexibility in the ratios of ingredients in your vape juice, you have the freedom to pick and choose what is right for you.

What are the differences between smoking and vaping nicotine?

Smoking and vaping nicotine have some distinct differences. Smoking tobacco uses a method called freebasing on its nicotine. This method combines nicotine with ammonia, a salt within the tobacco plant to increase the hit of nicotine you get, giving you more of a rush than nicotine by itself. This method allows the nicotine to enter the bloodstream quicker. Whilst vaping uses this method on the nicotine in its juices, it does not give you the same rush.

Nicotine salts have changed that game though and have used a new method to increase the hit you get from the nicotine in your e-liquid, giving you a nicotine hit which mimics that of a normal cigarette. You can find out more about nicotine salt e-liquids here: The Complete Guide To Nicotine Salt E-Liquids

Your device matters

Whilst cigalikes, the first generation of vape devices used a MTL (mouth to lung) vaping styles with higher nicotine concentrations. They were not as high powerful as modern devices. When vaping with modern vape starter kits and vape pod kits, you are inhaling the nicotine in a different way to that of tobacco. The sheer amount of vapour you inhale also differs depending on your vape style, and if you are a MTL (mouth to lung) or DTL (direct to lung) vaper.

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Read our full guide on MTL vs DTL her: What is MTL and DTL Vaping?

Your e-liquid matters

This brings us onto the e-liquid you use. With many concentrations to choose from, you can find a range of options to suit you. Whether that be 20 mg of nicotine per 10 ml bottle, or simply no nicotine at all, it is up to you how you vape and what vape kit you have.

What nicotine strength is right for you?

The right nicotine strength for your will vary depending depending on device and if you are a light smoker or a heavy smoker.

Those smoking more than 10 a day are best suited to 18 and 20 mgs of nicotine per 10 ml vape juice bottle.

Medium smokers, those smoking between 5 and 10 a day are best suited to 8 and 12 mg nicotine concentrations in their vape juice.

For Sub-Ohm vapers using advanced vaping kits at high power we recommend using lower nicotine strength such as 3mg or 6 mg of nicotine concentrations. For light smokers just transitioning to vaping we recommend using the same 3mg to 6mg nicotine strength to start with and then to up or down depending on preference.

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Table of Contents