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When only the best will do: how to long-term-store premium vape juices

Are you a vaper who’s especially particular about their e-juices? If so, chances are you may well be into premium juices, even what you may call super-premium juices. And, if that’s the case, it could be that purchasing, using and enjoying these e-liquids form a considerable part of your vaping outlay; such great vaping juices don’t grow on trees and, thus, they’re not exactly the cheapest. All of which means you’ll doubtless want to ensure you keep them well stored and nicely preserved between the moment you get them home and get going with vaping them; not least if you buy them in bulk.

So, then premium e-liquid storage – how to go about it best? Well, it’s worth bearing in mind that, to start with, vape juices tend to have a shelf-life of anything up to two years, in general (despite the fact many manufacturers recommend storing them for up to one year); even so, storing a batch of premium e-liquid properly could well mean it could last not just as long as it’s supposed to but beyond its supposed expiration date.

Finding a good storage space

First up, locating the ideal spot for storing your e-juice (whatever it may be; whether you’re talking very high-quality premium VG-based e-liquid – like 100 VG Juice UK – or any other type) is critical for keeping it fresh. In that case, the best place is really a fridge and being able to keep it in one for a long period of time; however, obviously that may not be very practical.

So, you might instead plump for a box, a cupboard, or a drawer; it doesn’t really matter on exactly where, so long as the vape juice is able to sit in a cool, dark, dry place for up to a good number of weeks. It’s important to remember that wherever you decide to store your bottles, it certainly shouldn’t be out in the open (where e-liquid bottles can be easily degraded by enemy outside elements like air, light and heat) and should definitely be easily accessible.

Go for glass; don’t plump for plastic

It may be tempting to go the non-breakable plastic route when it comes to long-term storage of your premium vape juices (high PG or high VG e liquid) but be aware that glass is always best. Plastic is fine for short-term storage (up to two months), but over the long-term there’s a very real danger that it’ll start to interact with the juice it contains; especially should heat be part of the equation too. Indeed, such chemical changes that would be caused by bottle leaching will be bound to change the taste of the e-liquid, to a greater or lesser but almost definitely perceptible extent. Moreover, plastic isn’t 100 percent impermeable; some air will always be able to pervade its surface and get through; glass, on the other hand, is far more reliable in this regard.

Don’t forget to seal your bottle

Finally, don’t doubt it; tightly sealing is all-important. The biggest enemy to vape juice, as you may have guessed or already be aware, is air so a bottle that’s not tightly sealed whether it’s glass instead of plastic or stored in a cool, dry place instead of a warm, damp one isn’t going to cut the mustard. Plus, it’s crucial too to be very careful when you’re transferring vape liquid from one bottle to another – no doubt as part of your storage process – so you don’t allow too much air to slip in to the new bottle and degrade its contents. To that end, it may be a better idea (even thought it’ll be both costlier and take up more storage space) to rely on smaller rather than larger glass bottles for storage purposes.

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Table of Contents