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What are Disposable Puff Bars And Why are They the #1 Trend In Vaping Right Now?

What Are Disposable Puff Bars?

Disposable puff bars — also known as disposable vape bars — are small, lightweight pens that come pre-filled with e-liquids. Additionally, the devices have a fully charged internal battery that is activated when your draw from the bar. 

One of the advantages of disposable puff bars is that they are ready to go straight out of the box. There is no charging batteries or filling pods or tanks necessary. Just pop open the box and start vaping. For anyone trying to give up smoking, these vape bars are a straightforward and hassle-free way to try vaping. 

Why Have Disposable Puff Bars Become so Popular?

Long-time vapers will remember early versions of these devices. Often they were shaped or designed to look just like cigarettes and could be found beside the chewing gum at petrol station counters up and down the country. 

However, they were usually filled with bitter tobacco flavour e-liquid and were just as likely to leak in your pocket as they were to satisfy your nicotine cravings.

But, thanks to nicotine salts, things have changed. Because nic salts burn at a lower temperature, they are suitable for lower wattage devices. This has resulted in a broader range of portable, lightweight devices that don’t need to compromise on taste or flavour.

Additionally, nic salts enter the bloodstream quicker than standard freebase nicotine. This allows vapers to experience a sensation more like a tobacco cigarette. 

Puff Bar

Benefits of Disposable Puff Bars

Try New Flavours

One of the coolest things about disposables is that they are an excellent way to try new flavours. Often, when you put a new e-liquid in your tank or pod, the remnants of the previous juice are still detectable. Disposable vape bars allow you to taste the e-liquid as it was intended.

Portable and Discrete

Like modern pen-like devices, puff bars are light, portable, and discrete. Another plus is that because they are draw-activated, they won’t go off in your pocket.

No Set-Up

Disposable vape bars are ready to go out of the box. With regular vapes, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the e-liquid, the device, and make sure you’ve got a fresh coil.

Additionally, for new vapers, there can be a steep learning curve. Learning about coils, tanks, vaping styles, and more can be confusing for new vapers. A simple device that works right out of the box means less friction and a better chance at a healthier life.

Perfect for a Night Out

Bringing your primary device with you on a night out doesn’t always work out. You can easily drop it or lose it. Disposable vape bars are a cheap, low-risk alternative. 

Great Option for Social Smokers

If you’re the type of person who buys a pack of cigarettes on a night out, disposable vape bars are an excellent alternative. Thanks to nic salts, they can closely replicate the sensation of a cigarette, but crucially they are far less expensive, and they won’t make you feel terrible the next day.

Pod Salt Go Blue Ice Disposable Vape

Who are Disposable Puff Bars For?

Disposable puff bars are primarily designed for people who are trying to stop smoking cigarettes. 

What makes disposable vape bars so great for new vapers is that they are ready to go out of the box: no learning curve, no trying to figure out which devices or which e-liquids to use. Additionally, they are a cheap, low-risk way to try out vaping.

However, it’s not just new vapers who love them. The thing is that they taste really great. Also, they’re such a far cry from the disposable of the past that if you put them in the hand of even the most experienced vaper, they’ll find it hard to put them down.

How Long Do Disposable Vape Pens Last?

Disposable puff bars generally come pre-loaded with between 1.3ml to 2.0ml of juice inside. This amount translates to about 300-600 puffs depending on the manufacturer. 

Another to look at it is their equivalent to a packet of cigarettes. Frequently, the manufacturers will compare a 2.0ml to a 20 pack of cigarettes. So, for most people, a disposable vape pen will last a day or two, depending on how intensely they used them.

What Nicotine Strength Do Disposable Vape Bars Come In?

Disposable puff bars typically come in nicotine strengths of 20mg. However, some manufacturers sell them in 12mg or 18mg. Frequently, this will be displayed as 2% nicotine.

How Much Nicotine is Contained in a Disposable Vape Bar?

Most manufactures put either 1.3ml or 2.0ml of e-liquids in each device. 

How to Dispose of Your Disposable

Because disposable vape contains a battery, they need to be recycled. Thankfully, there are a large number of supermarkets and venues that accept disposable. Here is a recycling locater tool to help you find your nearest option.

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What Brands Sell Disposable Puff Bars?

A lot of the prominent e-liquids brands and product manufacturers have introduced disposable vape bars into their range.

Some of the more notable companies are:

Are Puff Bars Legal in the UK?


Some disposable vape bars, like Puff Bar, have run into issues with regulators in the United States and New Zealand in recent years. As long as you are 18 or over, you can legally purchase disposables in the United Kingdom.

Are Disposable Puff Pens Good For Full-Time Vaping?

While disposable vape pens are very affordable individually, they could become expensive if you are a heavy vaper. If you find yourself burning through a disposable vape pen daily, it could become a costly habit.

However, if a vape pen lasts you two or so days, it could work out at around £12-15 per week. Comparatively, the cost of a refillable device, premium e-liquids and replaceable coils could work out cheaper for a light vaper. However, the convenience and excellent taste of vape bars are hard to ignore for many full-time vapers.

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