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Finding Your Perfect Throat Hit

Flexible and satisfying throat hits are one of the main draws to vaping.

One part of smoking which those who’ve cut the habit miss most is that satisfying nicotine throat hit. The throat hit is that sensation at the back of the throat which scratches a craving and brings a slight “bite” to the back of your throat. This is the combination of nicotine and heat from the smoke hitting the back of your throat and is psychologically linked with the satisfying of your nicotine addiction. The vape hit has developed over time and no longer requires you to vape with huge amounts of nicotine to get that hit, like it did with the original range of cigalikes with their nicotine concentrations of 10 mg and up. Now that the technology has developed, you can find your perfect throat hit without yearning for the days of tobacco smoking.

The history of the throat hit

The throat hit can be traced back to the 1950’s when lower tar cigarettes were introduced, basically meaning that filters were added to them. This meant that less nicotine was getting through to users, and so “satisfaction” began to waver. To combat this, cigarette companies such as Phillip Morris began to add ammonia to their tobacco. This process, called freebasing, occurred when you added ammonia to nicotine and combined the two into a fast-acting chemical. This made nicotine far more satisfying, intensifying the throat hit and getting nicotine into the blood much faster than ever before.

Best ways to get that throat hit with vapes

So, with cigarettes on the way out and vaping becoming one of the most popular forms of nicotine intake in the modern world, what has become of the throat hit. With such an insidious past what with it playing a part in the intensifying of nicotine addiction, how can vaping bring the same feeling to the much safer vaping?

Nic salts

Nicotine salts are a recent addition to the e liquid family. These liquids are derived from the natural nicotine salts found in tobacco and aim to replicate the throat hits found in cigarettes far more authentically than the nicotine hit found in freebase e liquids. This type of nicotine intake through e liquids is far more satisfying for the throat hit, as you are getting nicotine into your system far faster.

Nic salts are derived from the natural nicotine salts found in tobacco plants, these salts are made up of positively charged ionized nicotine molecules bound to negatively charged organic conjugates. Freebase nicotine, as found in the ‘traditional’ e liquids we are used to, is a result of extracting these salts from tobacco plants and using ammonia to increase the pH level, returning the nicotine to a neutrally charged freebase state.

Sub Ohm vaping

Sub Ohm Vaping can also help you to increase your vapour hit through the sheer quantity of vapour you are inhaling. This is linked to direct to lung vaping (DTL), in which you inhale the vapour straight into your lungs. This is much like sucking the air out of a balloon, and with sub ohm vapes you take in more due to the resistance in the coil being lower than 0.1 ohms. Sum-Ohm vapers mostly use shortfill e-liquids in combinations with nicotine shots. To learn more about DTL vaping see our MTL vs DTL Guide.

Increasing the nicotine

Another way you can get more of a throat hit is by increasing the amount of nicotine in your vape device. Legal limits in vape juices have a maximum of 20 mg, which is quite a lot of nicotine. If you’re vaping with higher nicotine quantities, then you won’t want to direct to lung vape like you would with sub ohm vapes as this may be incredibly overwhelming and could lead to you ingesting too much nicotine.

With sub ohm vaping, try sticking to 3 to 6 mg of nicotine, whilst with lower powered vape pens and pod kits and starter kits, that bigger throat hit will come from higher nicotine dosages in your e juice.

Disposable Vape Bars

In the last year we have seen a massive increase in the popularity of disposable vapes, also known as vape bars. Disposable vape bars is a great way for smokers to test out vaping without much knowhow or financial investment. These vape bars are easy to use as they all feature automatic draw activation, meaning you just need to inhale on the mouth piece, on top of that they are very affordable starting at just £3.99. Most vape bars are equivalent to a 20 pack of cigarettes and come pre-charged and pre-filled with nicotine salt e-liquid to ensure a smooth yet satisfying throat hit.

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Table of Contents