Why is Kai’s Virgin Vapor 100% VG Nic Salt such a big thing that it deserves its own blog spot?

Nic Salts have become very popular in the last year and understandably so, Nic Salts provide a quicker nicotine fix using smaller and more portable Pod devices. Nicotine Salt based E-liquids also provide a smoother throat hit compared to traditional freebased nicotine, allowing vapers to use 10-20mg nicotine strengths. As a result, most users vape less often and thus consume less e-liquid making Nic salts more economical.

Most Nic Salt based E-liquids on the market today have been formulated in a 50% VG and 50% PG blend, therefore the devices for these Salts have been mostly tailored to work with these types of blends. This can make choosing a device for our new 100% VG Naturally flavoured Nic Salts a bit tricky, but it does not have to be.

One of the thing that we need to look out for choosing a device for 100% VG Nic Salts are starter kits and pod devices with very small wicking holes on the coil, if the coils wicking holes are not large enough the thicker 100% VG Nic Salt will not saturate the coils efficiently leading to dry and burnt hits.

The best Pod kits and starter kits to use are low powered kits using either ceramic or Mesh coils/pods. Some example on these can be found below they are listed in no particular order and are all good choices for the Kai’s Virgin Vapor 100% VG SALTS range.

Wi Pod – Small, light simple to use with draw activation meaning you do not need to press any buttons. The Wi Pod kit comes with a Ceramic Pod in the box that works with all 100% VG Nicotine Salt E-Liquids.

Smok Nord - using either Ceramic Coils or Mesh Coils. The Smok Nord is a small POD/AIO kit that can be used with a variety of E-Liquids. It has several coil options available for purchase such as Mesh and Ceramic. Whilst it does not come with a ceramic coil in the box a pack of 5 can be purchased separately. With both Ceramic and Mesh coils available makes it a perfect device for 100% VG Nic Salts.

Aspire Breeze NXT – The NXT is an excellent kit for 100% VG Nic Salt, the new Aspire Mesh coils that the Breeze NXT uses works perfect with all the 100% VG Nic Salts we tested it with. We would recommend using 12mg option as the NXT produces quiet a lot of Vapour so even though you will be using Nic Salt, the 18mg option in this device might be to harsh.

Vaporesso Orca Solo - Using CCELL Ceramic Coils. The Orca Solo is a small Pen style device that comes with 2 coils in the box, one cotton and one ceramic. The Ceramic coil work very well with all the 100% VG Nis Salts by Kai’s Virgin Vapor.

That is our list of small and portable recommended devices, make sure to use the right coil and pod if there are several options available and you should get a great vape from all the 100% VG SALTS.