Finding a good starter kit can be tricky, it can be even harder when you want to, or need to vape 100% VG eLiquids.

Luckily, we have a few starter kits that we know will work well with 100% VG eLiquids and eJuices.

1. The smallest in our range is the Innokin Coolfire Mini Zenith it comes with the amazing Zenith Tank with three different coils to choose from, two of which are included in the box. The coils are designed for different vaping styles. First off we have the new Mesh Plexus Coils that delivers superior flavour, with excellent coil life. The Plexus coils are perfect for an airy MTL vape or a restricted DTL vape, you can adjust the air flow at the bottom of the tank to find the perfect draw that works for you.

The are also two regular coils available, one 1.6ohm coil and one 0.8ohm coil. The 1.6ohm coil is designed for a MTL vapers and the 0.8ohm coil is designed for a DTL vapers.

You can also adjust the power out put on the device so that you can tailor the vape experience to your personal preference. The settings are simple and easy to use, most vapers will find that there is a good balance of ease of use and features to chose from.

The Innokin Coolfire Mini Zenith works with All Kind Juice, Kais Virgin Vapor and Vape Green eLiquids, the settings on the mod for each is again down to personal preference, but we recommend starting at 10W and work your self up in increments of 1W until you find your sweet spot.

2. The Innokin Kroma-A Zenith Vape Kit is the big brother of the Innokin Coolfire Mini Zenith and offers more wattage output and slightly longer battery life. It comes in 5 stylish Colours are compatible with all the 100% VG eLiquids that we sell. It uses the same coils as the Coolfire Mini Zenith so you have the same range of coils at your disposal.

3. The Aspire Zelis 2.0 Kit is another excellent choice for 100% VG eLiquids, it offers a range of coils and configurations via the easy to use menu system. It features and easy top-fill child proof filling mechanism that has been completely re-resigned for the 2.0 version.

A few side notes, these are the 3 best kits if you are going to do 100% VG eLiquid but they also work for High VG liquids as well as Nic Salts and 50/50 Blended eLiquids.

If you are an experienced Sub-Ohm Vapers any modern Sub-Ohm tank and/or kit should work just fine with 100% VG eLiquids.