Blowing their socially-conscious trumpet as undeniably hard as an enthusiastic vaper, well, vapes, Kind Juice are certainly proud of the fact the high-quality premium e-liquids they come up with aren’t just very tasty, but also thoroughly organically-sourced and vegan-friendly. However, they can be confident enough in underling these attributes their juices’ USP because they genuinely are terrific juices. And that’s why, this month, we’re taking a closer look at several of Kind Juice’s offerings.

Operating out of Miami, none of the e-liquids Vape Juice come up with then could be referred to as an e liquid UK, yet this all-American brand with its actually more Californian-style (rather than Floridian-esque) take on producing vape juices is one to rely on for some supreme taste-tastic vapes, for sure. Indeed, the company’s quick to brag that its juices’ plant-based ingredients are hand-crafted with commitment to making some of the finest and best vape juices around. Heady stuff, but reliable too for every vaper out there, as their output’s safe for vegans, vegetarians and ‘cruelty free’. Nice.

So, here’s just a taster or Kind Juice’s very best, oh-so tasty vape juices…

Alpine Frost

A sweet, organic menthol could well turn out to be one of the best, if not the best, menthol vape you’ll ever taste. It leaves the vaper with a sleekly cool inhale for a good many minutes following the final hit, so best not to move on to vaping an another fruity or bakery flavour for at least half-an-hour afterwards.

Custard’s Last Stand

Combines a trio of terrific tastes: butterscotch, creme brûlée and caramelised-aged cognac glaze. Delicious, right? Be advised; this one’s a juice you’ll definitely want to let aerate for the full 24 hours (as advised) to enjoy the full flavour.

Dawn Of The Living Grapefruit

Fantastic by name; fantastic by nature – this e-liquid offers up vanilla Greek yoghurt topped with ruby red grapefruit slices. If you find that many fruity e-juices come off either too subtle or, conversely, too tangy, then this one could well be the fruit flavour for you – a juice you’ll simply just want to vape all the time.

The Lazy Iguana

Yes, it may be a corny line but it’s true; there’s nothing lazy about this e-liquid! Serving up tropical guava, juicy Kiwi and fresh strawberries, it might even too deliver a slight cinnamon flavour for you. Overall, its sweetness pleasingly isn’t overpowering and far from that cheap-candy-tasting style of vape juice.

5 O’Clock Somewhere

Giving you a modern twist on an old classic cola, in that it’s spiced with ginger, sarsaparilla, and topped off with the zest of fresh lime (lip-smackingly good!), this juice is perfect for you, surely, if you’re up for a unique, lively flavour profile. We certainly feel Kind Juices have been, well, kind to vapers with this one; packed as it is with so many great flavours – the cola’s tops, the ginger has a tiny bit of a bite and the lime lingers nicely on the exhale. Beware, though; if you’re a rookie, this one may not be the best vape for beginners – it’ll ruin you for so many other e-liquids on the market!

Geisha Moon Song

Finally, how about a rich plum wine flavour infused with exotic jasmine blooms? How about it, indeed! Our advice is to let this one breathe for a day and then pop it in your tank. Don’t doubt it; the plum wine taste has real strength as does its sweetness, so this flavour may not quite be everyone… but you’ll never know whether it’s for unless you try it, of course!