Leaking and Spittback is all a part of vaping right? It does not have to be, there are a few simple things you can do to fix these issues if you are experiencing them.


The most common issues new and experienced vapers run in to is usually a leaking tank and most commonly from the bottom air intake. This can usually be fixed by checking the following.

1. Make sure to always close the air intake at the bottom of the tank when you fill it up, this goes for ALL sub-ohm tanks. If you do not close the air intake when filling the tank, you will not create the much needed vacuum inside the tank to keep the liquids in there, this will result in physics kicking in and your e-Liquid will just pour out at the bottom of the air intake.

2. Make sure to Not overfill the tank, often ignored and overseen by many vapers, but it is also very important to not overfill the tank as again a proper vacum will not be created if you do not leave a small air pocket at the top.

3. Do not over prime your coil heads, whilst priming ensures not dry hits, make sure to not over do it, instead put enough e-Liquid on the coil to saturate it slightly, then fill your tank and wait 2-5 minutes.

4. Check your Seal, this might sound obvious but it is very common that something as simple as not fastening everything tightly enough causes leaking as it lets air in to the tank and thus breaking the vacuum inside it forcing eliquid out the bottom. Sometimes it something as simple as quickly filling up your tank and acciently cross threading the top-cap when placing it back, if this happens just unscrew it and carefully screw it back together.

Whilst these are the 4 most common issues there are a few more to consider if the above did not help and you are still experiencing leaking.

5. Check for damaged O'Rings, they are an important part of your tanks ability to form a proper seal and creating the important vacuum inside the tank, these are the rubber rings that comes as a spare pack with almost every tank. Check that all the O'rings on your tank are healthy and if you notice any signs of ware or tear replace them.

6. Keep your tank upright, some tank are not built to be on their side for long periods of time, if they are the vacuum inside the tank will break and eLiquid will usually fins its way out the air holes and/or mouth piece (drip tip).

7. Leaving the tank unused for too long, if you leave your tank unused with e-Liquid inside for too long gravity and physics will kick in and force eliquid out the bottom, if you plan to not use your tank for a period of time make sure to empty it first.

8. What eLiquid are you using? Make sure to not use an eLiquid that is to thin as it might saturate the coil to quickly.

9. Time to change coil? if your coil is "burnt out" it might be that the cotton inside the coil cannot hold the eliquid anymore and will just pass the eliquid through out the bottom.

Spittback / Spitting:

Having eLiquid spitting up the mouth piece when vaping is never nice, some common issues for this is:

1. You might be vaping at too low power, if your wattage is not correct you might not be evaporating the e-Liquid that is inside the coil quickly enough resulting in the eLiquid spitting up the mouth piece rather than turning in to vapor. To fix this, try increasing the wattage by increments of 5-10 watts at the time until you find your sweet spot.

2. Try a thicker eLiquid, you might be using an eliquid that is to thin and therefore floods the coil, try a 70% VG or 80% VG+ eliquid.

3. Adjust your airflow, you might be pulling in to much air to the tank causing an increase of eliquid being forced to the coil. Adjust the airflow to a more restricted draw to see if it helps.