Every vaper is aware of the dreaded long haul flight. With hours to kill and no vapes allowed, it can start to get a little taxing., This isn’t always the case in airports. However, with a range catering to those who vape. Whether you’re on business or going on a family holiday, it’s always a good idea to find the best places to vape without getting in trouble and knowing whether the moment you step into an airport will be the last time you’ll be able to cloud chase for hours afterwards.

Airlines and e cigs

Just as many airports will have their own rules on vaping, many airlines will vary from company to company on their stance. Some companies such as Ryanair sell their own vape devices on board, which you can purchase. Unfortunately the quality of these devices is rather low and the flavours limited, but at least it’s a start. Many airlines ask that vape devices be kept in your hand luggage and just like with any electronic equipment, kept switched off for the majority of the flight. That being said, except for the designated vape devices found on a few airlines, vaping is strictly forbidden due to the large clouds of vapour they can produce. This is unsurprising, large plumes of vapour has more than a potential to worry passengers and staff alike whilst in flight.

Airport smoking areas

Most airports will treat vape devices in the same way as smoking, meaning that you have to use designated smoking areas to vape in. This is counterproductive, most people want to get away from cigarette smoke, that’s the whole reason you take up vaping! Some airports may allow concessions if done discreetly, but you must always ask first, otherwise risk a fine.

Checked luggage battery ban

As of 2017, there has been a worldwide ban on the transport of e cigarette batteries in your checked luggage. There are a variety of reasons for this, one being that if there is leak of battery acid in the hold of a plane, all manner of accidents could occur, whilst the vape components themselves can be mistaken for, and repurposed to become explosive devices. In a world of heightened security and extra vigilance the world over, it is no surprise then that batteries can’t be stored in the cargo hold of a plane. This means that you must carry all vape batteries on board in your hand luggage, but must keep it unconnected to the vape device, which as mentioned above, must be kept switched off during the flight.

Which airports can you vape in?

There is some hope for a change in legislation however. A few airports around the world are beginning to welcome vaping inside their premises, allowing you to savour your best UK vaping kit before take off. Airports who allow vaping include Athens, Madrid, Toronto, Warsaw, Barcelona, Budapest and Heathrow.