What are Nicotine Salts and Nic Salts?

These are all the same thing and it has become the latest big thing to hit the vaping scene. Nicotine Salts are in fact so popular that almost all major brands have released their own Salt Nic version of their best-selling flavours, but why is nicotine salts so popular? Let us explain below.

Nicotine salts e-liquids might sound “weird” and understandably might sound like they contain actual salt. To clarify Nic Salts do not taste like salt, nor do they contain normal table salt, in fact nic salts look and work just like normal e-liquids. What differentiates nic salts from normal freebase nicotine e-Liquids is the structure of the nicotine. Nicotine salts provide a smoother throat hit than traditional freebase nicotine, nic salts can therefore be vaped at a much higher nicotine strength, typically 10 or 20mg without causing throat irritation or coughing. Nic Salt e-Liquids also enter the blood steam quicker than traditional e-Liquids and provides a much quicker nicotine fix. The nicotine fix is very similar to when smoking normal cigarettes, this is what have made Nicotine Salts so popular with new vapers, it has made the switch from smoking in to vaping much easier and satisfying for smokers.

How do you use Nic Salts

Nicotine Salt works best with lower wattage “less powerful” vape kits also known as starter kits and pod devices. This makes the switch from smoking in to vaping very affordable for a lot of smokers looking to make the switch. A normal starter kit or pod device typically range from around £20 - £30 and the Nic Salt e-Liquids are usually around £3.50 - £5.00. Nic Salts are very potent, and a “normal” vaper usually gets 3-5days out of a single 10ml bottle. The only other cost would be the replaceable pod and/or coils that would have to be change after around every 10-20ml of e-Liquid usage.

Pros and Cons of Nic Salt

We have probably already covered most of the pros above with nicotine salts being affordable, lasts a long time and is a great transition “tool” from smoking in to vaping. But we also want to mention that the quicker nicotine fix also means that most people will vape less. There is also the “stealth” element of using starter kits and pod devices with nic salt as it is usually less intrusive, so if you are going out you will not be blowing massive clouds around you.

Most vapers would also agree that Nicotine Salts taste better at higher nicotine strengths without the peppery taste that some freebase nicotine e-liquids can get on higher strengths.

It is still possible to over consume nic salts, especially if you are a dual user that is in the beginning phase of vaping, dual user means that you are both smoking and vaping, this can lead to an over consumption of nicotine which in turn will numb your taste buds and mouth, creating something very similar to vapers tongue where you will not be able to taste flavours as well as you would normally be able to do.


We love nicotine salts; we think it is a great tool to get of cigarettes, as well as a good swap for vapers finding themselves vaping to much and wants something smaller and less intrusive to enjoy. Vapegreen.co.uk has one of the largest selections of Nicotine Salt e-Liquids in the UK. We recommend to checkout our range of Nicotine Salt eliquids here and If you have any questions contact our Support.