Disposable Vape Brands

We carry the UK's best-selling and most popular disposable vape brands from across the planet, from the world-famous Elf Bar to the ever-popular mesh coil Crystal vapes. We stock hundreds of disposable vape flavours from the UK's favourite manufacturers, available in a variety of models and nicotine strengths.

Plus, if you've got a favourite flavour, you can get a box of 10 disposable vapes from one of our most popular ranges, including the Elf Bar 600 and the Lost Mary BM600!

No matter what you're after, we've got puff bars to meet your needs from your favourite disposable brands!

Looking for an alternative to disposables?

If you're looking for a sustainable option to replace your disposable habit, check out our massive selection of disposable vape E-Liquids which are ultra-concentrated with delicious disposable-inspired flavour! 

Perfect for your refillable pod kit, vape pen, or starter kit, these E-Liquids are more cost-effective and better for the planet!

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