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Disposable Puff Bars

Disposable Vapes—also known as puff bars, vape bars, and disposable vape pens—are easy-to-use vapes that require no setting up. Ready to be vaped straight out of the box, all disposables come pre-charged and pre-filled with Nic Salt E-Liquid for an extra-smooth throat hit. Disposables are simple to operate thanks to their draw activation feature, meaning that the device will automatically fire when you draw on the mouthpiece. This makes disposable vapes very beginner-friendly, perfect for any smoker looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping. Once your disposable vape is empty, simply dispose of it in accordance with your local authority's guidelines and replace it with a new one. At VapeGreen, we stock best-selling disposable vapes like the Geek BarElf Bar, and the Vapeman Solo Bar, just to name a few!

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Disposables vapes are machine-measured for the amount of puffs they produce. These will vary depending on brand and model, though most disposables will produce between 300 and 600 puffs per device.

The maximum number of puffs any disposable device can produce will be clearly stated in the product description, but it's important to note that because these devices are machine-measured, how long the device lasts will be wholly dependent on how you vape. The longer and deeper your pulls are, the fewer puffs you'll get out of the device.

Because of this, all maximum puff counts on disposable vapes are approximate. 

The top benefits of disposable vapes are:

● Smokers can try vaping without having to buy a vape kit, coils, or E-Liquid
● They require no maintenance, charging, or refilling
● They're ready to use straight out of the box
● They're a great on-the-go option for vapers who don't want to lug around their usual kit when they travel or go out

Disposable vapes combine all of these conveniences into a single low-cost device. This means that smokers can try vaping for a fraction of the price of a single pouch of tobacco or pack of cigarettes.

Disposable vapes are not as cost-effective as a vape kit. In the long run, you will spend a lot more money buying disposable vapes than you would if you invested in a good vape kit and some tasty E-Liquids.

And whilst disposables don't create as much waste as actual cigarettes, they still create waste. For this reason, refillable vape kits are more eco-friendly than disposables.

That being said, if you're new to vaping, we still think disposables are a great way to test the waters before committing to a vape kit. 

As with many things in life (and in the realm of vaping), the answer to this comes down to personal preference—specifically, your preferences for flavour, sweetness, and even device shape. Currently, the Geek Bar disposable vape is the most popular.

Unfortunately, because disposable puff bars (even when they're empty) contain both a battery and trace amounts of leftover E-Liquid, you can't dispose of them in the bin as you would with standard rubbish. Every area has different guidelines with regard to waste disposal, so for details on how to dispose of your device, check your local authority's guidelines or contact them directly. 

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