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E-liquid also known as E-Juice is the liquid used inside vape kits to produce vapour. With thousands of different e-liquids from premium brands such as Nasty Juice, Dinner Lady and IVG, just to name a few. Vape Green offers one of the largest selection of E-Liquids in the UK, available in a variety of different blends from beginner 50/50 E-Liquids and Nic Salt E-liquids to Shortfill E-liquids for more advanced sub-ohm vapers. We also have the largest selection of specialist 100% VG and Organic E-Liquids, perfect for vapers that suffer from PG intolerance or PG allergies. Save money with our amazing Mix & Match deals where you can mix different e-liquids for a bulk discount.

Lemon Tart Disposable Pod...
In Stock
3 for 12
Lemon Tart Disposable Pod Kit by Elf Bar 600
From £4.99
  • 20mg
Lemon Tart
Strawberry Kiwi Shortfill...
In Stock
2 for 25
Strawberry Kiwi Shortfill E-liquid by All Star 100ml
From £14.99
70% VG
  • 0
  • 3mg
Strawberry, Kiwi
Slam Slice Shortfill...
In Stock
2 for 20
Slam Slice Shortfill E-Liquid by Slam City 50ml
From £12.99
70% VG
  • 0
  • 3mg
Cherry Bakwell tart
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An E-Liquid is usually made up of 3-4 components. Most commonly VG (vegetable glycerine), this is what produces the big vapour clouds, VG is also quiet thick in viscosity. PG (Propylene glycol) is used to give the E-liquid more flavour and to thin it out so that it work better with smaller coils used in basic starter kits and pods. PG also adds a bit of throat hit, but the main ingredient that provide the throat hit in E-Liquid is the Nicotine. The last ingredient used is the actually flavouring or mix of flavourings and it is what gives E-liquid their main flavour. As the market stands now, you are spoilt with choices with anything from fruit, menthol, candy, desserts to various Tobacco flavours and blends. 

The different types of E-liquids are: Classic 50/50 E-Liquids which are made with freebase nicotine and are great for new users as they are compatible with most basic starter kits and pod kits. Nicotine Salt E-Liquids is a "new" thing on the market that has seen a massive growth since 2019. Nic Salts are quiet similar to regular 50/50 blends with the added benefit of providing a quicker nicotine fix and a much smoother throat hit at higher nicotine strengths. Shortfill E-Liquids are usually for more experienced Sub-Ohm vapers and are typically formulated in higher VG blends making them best suited for high wattage kits, tanks and mods. 100% VG E-Liquids are made without the usage of artificial flavours or sweeteners and is instead made with organic, naturally extracted flavourings making the perfect for vapers with PG intolerance or allergies.

If you are asking what type of E-liquids you should buy you are most likely quite new to vaping. For beginners we recommend Nicotine salt E-liquids and/or 50/50 E-Liquids. Nicotine Salts are popular as they provide a smoother vape even at higher nicotine strengths making it easier for smokers looking to make the switch to vaping. 50/50 E-liquids is great choice as well, they provide a good throat hit and works with most basic starter kits and pod kits.

It depends, if you are a heavy smoker we recommend an E-Liquid between 6-18mg Nicotine Strength if using traditional freebase E-liquids such as 50/50 blends. A good starting point is to try one bottle of 12mg and then move up or down in strength depending on personal preference on throat hit and nicotine satisfaction. A great choice for first time vapers are Nic Salt E-liquids, they look and work like normal E-liquids but provide a much smoother throat hit with higher nicotine strength E-liquids. Using Nic Salts we recommend starting at 20mg if you are a heavy smoker looking to make the switch. Going to low on the Nicotine when you first starting to vape will most likely not satisfy your cravings, so we recommend going higher at the start and then work yourself down as you are getting used to vaping. 

Cancer Research UK studies has shown that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking Tobacco.

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