Fizzy Rainbow eLiquid by Juice N power SALT
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Fizzy Rainbow eLiquid by Juice N power SALT

  • Fizzy Rainbow eLiquid by Juice N power SALT

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    Bottle Size
    • 10ml
    • 20mg - (36mg NS)
    • 11mg - (20mg NS)
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    Flavour: Blue Slush, Fizz Candy
    50% VG

    Fizzy Rainbow eLiquid by Juice N power SALT is a fusion of an irresistible blue slush flavour mixed with the sweetest taste of fizzy candy creating a burst of colour from the roof of your mouth to the tip of your tongue.

    Juice N Power Nic Salts is a UK mixed and Manufactured range of Nicotine Salt eliquids. Juice N Power is are mostly known for their  tasty blends of fruits, candy and Milkshake blends. Supplied in 10ml TPD compliant bottles available in 20/36mg and 11/20mg Nic Salt strengths. Nicotine Salts provide a smoother throat hit than traditional freebase nicotine e-Liquids. Nicotine Salts also provides a quicker nicotine "fix". making Nic Salts ideal for beginners.

    • 10ml E-liquid
    • 11mg Bast Nicotine / 20mg Nicotine salt strength
    • 20mg base nicotine / 36mg Nicotine salt strength
    • 50% VG / 50% PG
    • Made in UK
    • Childproof and tamper evident cap
    • Formulated for usage with low powered devices such as simple Starter Kits and Pod devices

    36mg Nicotine Salt? But the legal limit in UK/EU is 20mg?

    Without going overly technical,the Nicotine Salt compound is made up from two different molecules; Nicotine and Benzoate. The Nicotine content is 20mg and the Benzoate content is 16mg, which create a Nicotine Salt Strength of 36mg. The base nicotine strength is printed on the front of the box and the nicotine salt strength is printed on the back of the box. 

    PG/VG Ratio
    50% VG
    Flavour Notes
    Blue Slush, Fizz Candy
    Bottle sizes
    11, 20mg
    Blue Raspberry
    E-Liquid Type
    Nicotine Salt E-Liquid
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