Vape Coil Brands

Here at Vape Green, we stock a wide array of vape coil brands, including the most popular pre-made coils on the market from across the globe. We stock popular coil brands like Vaporesso, VooPoo, and Uwell, among others, and we even stock coils for devices that have been discontinued.

Our goal is to keep stocking coils for as long as we possibly can, which means that even if your device is a couple of years old, we'll keep stocking the replacement coils until we can't anymore. 

Browse our vast array of vape coil brands to find your perfect match. We've got mesh coils, ceramic coils, and even coil tools for those doing DIY with RBAs!

            Ultimate Guide to Vape Coils
Ultimate Guide to Vape Coils
Every vape has a coil. Our guide to vape coils breaks down everything you need to know, including the different types, how long they last, and how to keep yours in tip-top shape.

            How to Prime Your Coil in 3 Easy Steps
How to Prime Your Coil in 3 Easy Steps
Every time you replace your coil, you’ll need to prime it first. Here, we’ll explain how to prime your coil in 3 easy steps. Say goodbye to that horrible burnt taste!
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