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Innokin Kroma-Z Review

What is in the box

Following the success of the Kroma-R, Innokin is here to impress with a new Kroma pod device, the Kroma Z Pod Kit.

The Innokin Kroma-Z arrives in a relatively understated white cardboard box. The whole packaging is 100% eco friendly and can go right to the paper recycling bin. It was a brave decision to skip the fancy boxes, and I’m glad Innokin is doing their best to be more environmentally friendly.

Innokin Kroma Z-2

The device is ready to vape out of the box; the pod comes preinstalled with an MTL dip trip, the 0.8 Ohm Z coil and an airflow ring.

Innokin Kroma Z-3

After opening everything, we find ourselves with a few extra bits on the table:

  • Two more drip tips, one for MTL and one for RDL 
  • The new 0.3 Ohm RDL Z coil 
  • A Quick Start Guide featuring lots of illustrations 
  • A precision airflow ring for really tight MTL draw 
  • USB-C charging cable


I was glad to see the lenght of the 30-inch cable, and I’m sure anyone who tried to vape while charging with those minuscule ones will feel the same.

Innokin Kroma Z-4

Innokin Kroma-Z Design and build quality

The Kroma-Z looks heavy and expensive, but it’s surprisingly light thanks to the Magnesium Alloy body. The matte rubberised coating is a nice touch, the Kroma-Z feels great to hold, and it’s not slipping out of my hand like the shiny plastic devices.

Judging by the picture of the colourway, it seems like this finish is not consistent throughout the line, so keep that in mind.

To place the airflow adjustment control right under the thumb was thoughtful, it’s convenient to use, and it’s not in the way.

I’ve been surprised when I realised the LCD screen on the side is one enormous fire button. The screen is bright, and easy to read – the most critical information; the wattage stands out.

Innokin Kroma Z-7

Battery life on Innokin Kroma-Z

It is particularly impressive for me to have a 3000 mAh battery in an MTL pod device. Unfortunately, I tend to forget to charge my vape, so I’m always looking for something more long-lasting, but I wasn’t ready to give up my pods.

I had high expectations for the quick charge, but it is not that quick – we have a massive battery here. Even with the USB-C, it takes more than an hour to charge the Kroma-Z. In return, you don’t have to worry about it for days. I mostly vape MTL, 300 puffs barely makes any difference.

Innokin Kroma-Z Pods and coils

I’ve been glad to see I don’t have to remove the pod to fill it – finally! I’m not sure, why is this feature not more common, as it’s a lot more convenient on the go: no more juggling with the body, pod and juice on the street.

The pod locks in place with two strong magnets, and it’s not moving the slightest. The majority of us prefer transparent pods, but it’s hard to deny the grey colour looks excellent on the Kroma-Z. I didn’t have an issue checking the juice level, as it’s see-through enough, and not hidden in the body – holding it up towards a direct light source does the trick.

Innokin Kroma Z-6

The Kroma-Z is compatible with the entire Innokin Z-Coil line up. You can choose between 7 coils, all readily available, and after a quick comparison, I found them remarkably affordable compared to other popular brands.

Millions of people have used them, and I’m not surprised; my favourite juices tasted excellent during the test.

I especially love the new, 0.3 Ohm RDL coil, and I will definitely get a whole pack of them.

Innokin Kroma Z-5

It could be challenging for a beginner to remember each coil’s recommended wattage level. The Smart Coil ID steps in here: it identifies the coil, and suggests a suitable setting. The system works well, making new vapers life so much easier.

If you’re a more advanced user and like to decide for yourself, you can adjust the wattage range between 6W-40W with the two small buttons under the screen.

Turn your Innokin Kroma-Z pod device into a 510 Tank mod.

I left the best to last – the 510 adapter. If you’re curious, how is it to vape with a tank, but not ready to commit, and invest too much, or you have a Z-coil tank already, but wouldn’t mind a lighter packet… The Kroma-Z got your back.

It’s super straightforward to use, as it features the same magnetic lock-in as the pod: pop the pod out, pop the adapter in, done. You’ve got a super compact and lightweight mod, and your whole kit is working together seamlessly.

Unfortunately, it’s not included in the box, but at least it’s not an expensive add on, and it’s worth to have.

Pros & Cons


  • Amazing battery life
  • Build quality
  • Very affordable coils
  • Super-versatile


  • 40W maximum output
  • Bulkier than the typical pod device
  • The 510 adapter should be included

The Kroma-Z has a lot to offer:

  • Adjustable airflow from a tight MTL draw to a loose RDL draw
  • Fill the pod with e-liquid without removing it
  • Use the Innokin 510 adapter, and pop on your favourite Z-coil tank
  • Sleek design with a side-firing bar with LCD screen
  • 3000mAh battery with a USB Type-C cable
  • Smart coil ID
  • Wattage from 6-40 watts
Innokin Kroma Z Pod Kit


The Innokin Kroma-Z is fantastic, and I had to think hard to find the cons. Nothing is perfect in life, but this one comes close to it.

A compact pod device, with a remarkable battery, MTL and RDL draw, which you can turn it into a mod.. what else could we wish? You can fine-tune it to the smallest details, and just vape away for days.

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Table of Contents