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Smok IPX 80 Review

The Smok IPX 80 is a new powerful pod kit in Smok’s extensive lineup of pod devices. As pod devices are growing in popularity, the IPX80 Pod Kit is the next step in the right direction as it includes a new feature, the IP67 protection that provides dust proof, waterproof and shockproof protection.

Smok IPX 80 Feel and Design​

Smok are one of the biggest vape companies, if not the biggest in the industry at the moment, so it’s not surprising that they have some of the best devices available on the market. 

The Smok IPX80 Pod Kit is personally my favourite Smok Pod device currently. Compared to the Smok RPM80 Pod Kit that I once owned, it’s basically an indestructible version. One of the features I would have added to the RPM80 is an adjustable airflow and a USB C type charging cable/port. Seeing as it provides both MTL and DTL vaping experiences, I felt that the device was too airy when switching over to MTL vaping.

Smok seemed to have read my mind as they added exactly what I had in mind for an upgraded RPM80, instead they named it the IPX80. They have added a new feature which is the best one yet, the IP67 protection. IP67 protection allows the device to be dust, shock and waterproof. Allowing you to store your device pretty much wherever you’d like and not have to worry about dust build up. Durability, sustaining pretty much any impact and waterproof, protecting you from the rain and any accidental spillage. Please note that the pod is not waterproof however the rest of the device is.

The design is simple and fits comfortably in your hand. Available in 7 different colours, so finding one that suits you won’t be a problem.

What the Smok IPX80 has to offer

  • 3000mAh inbuilt battery 
  • A clear vibrant 0.96inch screen
  • Dual Air flow control, with an adjustable air-inlet ring on each side of the device
  • 1 – 80 watts output 
  • IP67 protection, dust, water and shockproof
  • Transparent pod window to see how much E-Liquid you have left in your pod
  • 5 safety features, Lithium battery protection, Atomizer detection, 8 seconds cut off, Short circuit protection and Low voltage protection
Smok IPX80 specs

Smok IPX 80 Pods and Coils

Included with the device is a 2ml capacity Smok IPX80 pod. The pod is designed with a duck build mouthpiece and is held in place by 4 small strong magnets that sit underneath the pod. I like that the pod sits snug when connected to the device. Even though the pod is held by magnets, you don’t hear the usual “click” you get with other devices, instead it’s more of a push to fit. What I also found useful is that the pod is designed with transparent windows so that you can see how much E-Liquid is left in the pod. With experience, I found that other vape devices have darker, less transparent pods that made it difficult to measure how much E-Liquid is left inside. 

When it comes to the coils included, the IPX80 doesn’t actually have its own coils. Instead the device is compatible with the RPM2 coils. With the IPX80 Pod Kit you receive x1 RPM2 0.16ohm Mesh coil (DTL) that vapes best between 25 – 50 watts and x1 0.6ohm DC Coil (MTL) that vapes best at 12 – 25 watts. Personally I vape DTL and the RPM2 0.16ohm Mesh coil is by far the best coil I have used in a Smok device. It provides great vapor and due to the evenly heated mesh coil, provides a much more flavoursome vape. It also provides MTL vaping, assisted by the 0.6ohm DC coil and the airflow inlet ring that’s adjustable by twisting the dial to provide a tighter inhale.

Included in the box

IPX80 Review


1x IPX 80 device (3000mAh)

1x IPX 80 RPM2 Pod (2ml)

1x RPM2 Mesh 0.16ohm coil

1x RPM2 DC 0.6ohm MTL coil

1x Type C charging cable 

1x User manual

IPX80 review

5 Safety Features the Smok IPX 80 Offers

Lithium battery protection

Some people like to charge their devices overnight which may cause damage to your battery. Lithium battery protection stops this from happening by only charging to a certain percentage then flickering back and forth to avoid damage to the battery.

Atomizer detection

Atomizer detection acknowledges when your pod is connected to the device and will only fire when connected. In the case of your device displaying “no atomizer”, don’t be alarmed by this as usually it’s due to the coil. Either the coil isn’t fitted correctly or you simply just replace it with a new coil.

8 seconds cut off

Most people store their vape in their pocket which in some cases can lead to the device auto firing. This will result in a burnt coil. The 8 seconds cut off stops this from happening.

Short circuit protection

Short circuit protection is protection against excessive currents or current beyond the acceptable current rating of the device. As soon as an overcurrent is detected, the device trips and breaks the circuit.

Low voltage protection

The main purpose of a low voltage protection controller is to de-energize the device in a low voltage condition and keep it from re-starting automatically when the device returns to the normal voltage.

MTL and DTL Vaping

As the IPX80 provides both MTL vaping (mouth to lung) and DTL Vaping (direct to lung) you can be sure to get the best vaping experience with this beast of a device. As mentioned above, I’m a DTL vaper so I usually stick to low resistance coils and high VG E-Liquids, however once in a blue moon, I like to switch over to MTL after a feast of a meal. It’s a bonus for devices that can provide both vaping experiences, as it provides you with the option to switch as of when.

When using this device for DTL vaping, make sure to use the RPM2 0.16ohm mesh coil with high VG E-Liquids also known shortfills or subohm E-Liquids. For MTL vaping use the RPM2 0.6ohm DC coils with 50/50 E-Liquids or high PG E-Liquids also known as Nicotine Salts. 

Battery Life​

Battery life is not one to be concerned about as this device has an inbuilt 3000mAh battery. I’m particularly picky when it comes to battery life as I’m pretty much glued to my device. There’s nothing more annoying than your vape device running out of battery half way through the day especially if you are out with friends.

With the IPX80, you will not need to worry about your device running out of battery as it will provide you with a 6-8 hours worth of battery life assuming you have fully charged it. Charging will take no longer than 30/45 minutes depending on battery life and is charged using an updated USB C charging cable.


  • 0.001 seconds for the firing ramp up time, so this device fires faster than usual
  • Dual Air flow control to assist with MTL vaping
  • Water proof, dust proof and shock proof
  • Display system, nice and vibrant and easy to see
  • 80 watts
  • Available in 7 different colours
  • Transparent E-Liquid window to see how much E-Liquid you have left in your pod


  • Misaligned stitching on holding pad (may just be a one off)
  • Bottom USB charging port 
  • Duck build drip tip, they should provide an extra drip tip with a different shape
  • Only 1 IPX80 RPM Pod is included. An extra pod should be included with the device


In my opinion, the IPX80 Pod Kit is the best pod device Smok have released so far. They have made major improvements with this device to provide a reliable and much smoother vape experience. From the “headphone looking” airflow control to the IP67 protection, this device is a force to be reckoned with.

I would say that this device is more suited to the more experienced vaper however it’s not to say that beginners can’t use this device also. The reason why I say this is due to the compatibility of the device, it provides both MTL and DTL vaping experiences, meaning both MTL and DTL E-Liquids and coils are compatible. This may confuse vapers that are new to the game as it can get quite confusing when it comes to pairing E-Liquids with coils.

I would give this device a 8.5 out of 10 as an overall score.

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