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Elux Disposable Vapes

The Elux Disposable Vape is created by Elux to deliver a delicious yet simple disposable vape that’s ready to use straight out of the box. These vapes come pre-charged and pre-filled with 2ml of nicotine salt E-Liquid, which is formulated specifically for ex-smokers to provide a quicker nicotine delivery and a smoother, sharper throat hit at higher strengths compared to “freebase” juices. 

These vapes require no maintenance whatsoever—simply unbox, vape, and enjoy! Each vape can provide up to 600 puffs, and when it’s empty (signified by the flashing LED light on the bottom), please dispose of it responsibly in accordance with your local authority’s guidelines.

We currently carry two Elux disposable ranges: the Elux Legend Mini and the Elux Pro 600. These vapes have garnered a global following, with diehard fans all around the world!  

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Showing 1-35 of 44 item(s)

Each Elux disposable vape contains 20mg/ml of nicotine ≈ 20 cigarettes (1 packet of traditional cigarettes).

However, it is crucial to note that vaping products are without all of the thousands of nasty chemicals you’ll find in standard combustible cigarettes. This means that the wonderful Elux ranges are without these chemicals too!

No. They are not designed to be recharged, nor should you try to do so. Once your disposable is empty, which is clearly displayed via the flashing LED indicator light. Please dispose of the device safely and per your local authority's guidelines.

Each Elux disposable we sell contains 20mg/ml (2%) of nicotine. The nicotine contents is clearly displayed in the product description, and also on the packaging.

Yes, absolutely, they’re well accredited for producing excellent quality disposable vapes. Not to mention that they have strong and distinguished flavours, are reliable and pocket-sized as well as being auto-draw activated. Ideal for beginner vapers and ex-smokers.

If it flashed it won't come back to life! The device is empty. When the light at the bottom of your Elux Bar begins to flash, thuis means that the vape is finished. You will have to purchase a new device if you wish to continue vaping.

Elux Bars last anywhere from 1-3 days for most users. This is depending on your personal vaping style and usage. Most 600-puff disposables last the same amount of time. If your daily usage is low you can expect longer

Both of these devices have the same puff count and features. The only differentiating factors are the design, size in hand and flavours.

An incredible fact! Vaping is 95% safer than smoking as per the NHS of the UK. If you want to discover more about the health benefits of vaping compared to smoking, check out Cancer Research UK. FYI the Elux disposable vapes are no better or worse than any other vaping products we sell at VapeGreen.

No, you can’t I’m afraid. Refilling this device is neither possible nor necessary, and we heavily advise against attempting to do so. Rather! Pick out another super disposable device!

All Elux Bars are single-use devices, which means once they're empty they're empty. After you have finished your lovely vape please discard it. 

It is entirely subjective! We advise you to go with whichever food you prefer the most! However, the best-selling flavour is currently the Elux Pro Cherry Peach Lemonade. 

You can see the full range of Elux flavours in the Elux Disposable Vape section of our website.

Every Elux device available in the UK contains 600 puffs per device. The larger disposables are illegal in the UK. The amount of puffs varies greatly depending on the vaping style and how frequently you use the device. Are your puffs long or short? And do you use it all day or just a couple of times a day? These all have an impact on the longevity of the device

For more info on disposable vape puff counts and if the vape manufacturing companies are honest or not, why not take a look at our article: Are “Puff Counts” Accurate? #1 Honest Guide to Disposable Vape Puff Counts.

2ml. The legal amount of E-Liquid inside any vape is limited to a maximum of 2ml of (due to nicotine contents) and the enforcement of regulations set by TDP in the United Kingdom.

Check for the security code on the packaging of your Elux and input the number into the Elux Website. There you can check if the product is authentic or not. IMPORTANT: If not, DO NOT USE the device.