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Geek Bar Disposable Vape

The Geek Bar Disposable Vape from the world-famous GeekVape team is an easy-to-use, pocket-friendly disposable vape pen with no refilling or recharging needed—simply remove the packaging and vape away! All Geek Bars feature automatic draw activation, meaning that you inhale on the mouthpiece to vape. Geek Bars are perfect for beginners and anyone looking to try a new flavour. They deliver an excellent MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) experience and come pre-filled with salt nicotine E-Liquid to ensure a smooth throat hit as well as fast nicotine absorption. Once you your Geek Bar is empty, simply dispose of it in accordance with your local authority's guidelines.

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Geek Bars are a type of disposable vape device designed to be vaped straight out of the box. These vapes are no-maintenance, as they require no refilling or recharging, and they can hold up to 575 puffs per bar depending on your vaping style. Geek Bars are among the best-selling disposables in the world right now, and they're a great entryway into vaping for those who want to make the switch without having to purchase a whole vape setup. They're also a great choice for on-the-go vapers who need something more pocket-friendly to take with them.

Geek Bars are regulated just as all other vape products are in the UK, making them no better or worse for you than other vape products. And while we cannot say with absolute certainty that vaping is 100% safe, we do know that it's safer than smoking.

Cancer Research UK says that vaping is up to 95% safer than smoking, based on our current body of scientific evidence, and the NHS recently embraced vaping as a smoking cessation aid. If you're looking to quit smoking, switching to vaping will absolutely benefit your health and be safer in the long run. 

How long a Geek Bar lasts can vary greatly depending on your vaping style and frequency. Geek Bars hold up to 575 puffs per bar, but again, this number can vary from user to user.

Disposable manufacturers measure puff count using a machine, which takes small, perfectly measured MTL puffs. Essentially, the number 575 is the maximum number of puffs that this machine can get out of the device.

Humans tend to take deeper puffs at varying (imperfect) lengths. For this reason, you may not get exactly 575 puffs per bar—but if you're hoping to make your Geek Bar last a little longer, try taking shorter puffs spaced further apart.

We do not sell Geek Bar Pros here at Vape Green because they are not TPD-compliant and are therefore illegal to sell in the UK.

Geek Bar Pros contain more than the maximum permitted 2ml of E-Liquid, and they also contain nicotine strengths above the legal limit. For this reason, if you see Geek Bar Pros for sale in the UK, you can assume the distributor is disreputable and you should not buy them. They are unregulated illegal products.

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