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Vape replacement pods are the cartridges that hold both your coil and your vape juice. They can be either refillable, allowing you to fill and refill with an E-Liquid of your choosing, or pre-filled, offering the utmost convenience.

Pods either have a built-in coil or they use changeable coils. Both options are easy for beginners, but built-in coils allow you to simply discard the entire pod when the coil degrades. Pods that use changeable coils are more customisable, and they produce less waste overall, since you can keep reusing them!

At Vape Green, we stock an extensive selection of replacement vape pods, including refillable pods and prefilled pods, from leading brands like OXVA, GeekVape, Vaporesso, Elf Bar, and more!

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What is a Vape Pod?

A vape pod is the reservoir on top of your pod system that holds the vape juice and the coil. They're made of a sturdy plastic material to ensure durability.

Some pods have their coils built in or integrated, while others require you to replace the coil every so often.

Refillable pods have a fill port, located either under the mouthpiece, on the side, or on the bottom of the pod. This is where you fill the pod with E-Liquid.

Prefilled pods, used in closed pod kits, come already filled with E-Liquid and are not refillable. These offer a convenient and hassle-free option for vapers on the go.

What are the different types of vape pods?

These can be filled (and refilled) with your choice of E-Liquid, and there are thousands of E-Liquid flavours to choose from! They're easy-to-use compared to vape tanks, and because they're refillable, they create less waste than disposables.

Prefilled pods are convenient and low-maintenance. They can't be refilled, but come pre-filled with 2ml of salt nic E-Liquid. Disposable pods are compatible with specific kits, so you'll need to ensure you get the right ones for your device.

What are the different vape pod coil types?

Built-In Coils

Vape pods with built-in coils require less maintenance, since you won't have to replace the coil. Instead, once the pod starts to taste burnt or begins losing its flavour, simply discard the entire pod and pop in a new one.

Changeable Coils

Pods using changeable coils are sturdy and can last a very long time, though you'll need to replace the coil every so often. These pods don't come with coils included, and you'll usually need to purchase them separately. 

What type of E-Liquid should I use in my vape pod?

Every vape pod is compatible with specific types of E-Liquid. You can find out which types are compatible by checking the product description.

Generally speaking, most vape pods are for MTL vaping, and these should only be used with high-PG E-Liquids such as nic salts or freebase 50/50 vape juice.

For DTL or sub-ohm vape pods, you should only be using high-VG E-Liquids like short fills.

Some vape pods use changeable coils and may be compatible with both MTL and DTL coils. In this instance, you should check the product description for the coils to see which types of vape juices are compatible.

This will depend on the type of pod you have, plus a number of other factors. You'll know it's time to replace your pod or coil when the vape starts to taste burnt or begins losing its flavour.

If your pod uses changeable coils, it should last a long time. You should only need to replace it if it becomes cracked, leaky, or no longer holds its coil securely in place.

If your pod has a built-in coil, the length of time it will last you will vary based on your vaping style and frequency, but most of all, it'll depend on the sweetness of your E-Liquids. The sweeter the E-Liquids you vape, the faster your coil will degrade. This is because sweeteners will caramelise around the coil as it heats up over time, eventually causing that nasty burnt taste.

Generally speaking, coils can last anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks, though for pods with built-in coils, this may be shorter. 

Vape tanks were around before pods entered the scene. Tanks are glass reservoirs that sit atop a vape mod, holding the coil and the E-Liquid.

They usually have a number of removable parts and can be dissembled for maintenance. While highly customisable for advanced vapers, tanks weren't the best option for beginners because they had so many parts. Plus, the glass is breakable.

Vape pods offer an easy-breezy alternative to tanks, since they're made of a sturdy plastic material and have only a single piece. Both tanks and pods can be refillable, depending on the type, but pods require much less regular maintenance and cleaning in comparison.

Each pod kit is compatible with a specific pod or range of pods. You can find out which pods are compatible by checking the product description or the user manual.

Often, you'll find that a device is compatible with a series of pods offering different resistances, which is the case with devices like the ones in the Vaporesso XROS series. These kits are compatible with all Vaporesso XROS pods, which come in a variety of resistances. So, when choosing which pods to buy, it's a good idea to consider your vaping style and the amount of vapour you're looking for.

If you want denser clouds and more flavour, opt for a lower resistance. If you like more discreet vapour production and a sharper throat hit, you should choose a higher resistance.

Just be sure when buying pods that you're using the correct type of E-Liquid. For example, the Vaporesso Luxe X pods come in two resistances (one for MTL and one for DTL), and each of these pods is compatible with a different type of E-Liquid.

E-Liquid compatibility will be clearly detailed in the product description for every pod we stock.